About 1 of every 22,000 babies are born with the condition, according to a study published in the Singapore Medical Journal. Walker told

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However, Bentley’s heart was in good shape, which likely explains her long life, Walker told the BBC. Walker said that he and his colleagues believe Bentley may have lived to be the oldest person known with the condition.

Bentley’s family said that the news explained some peculiar incidents in the woman’s life. Louise Allee, Bentley’s 66-year-old daughter, recalled to CNN the time Bentley’s appendix was removed and the surgeon noted that the organ “wasn’t in the right spot when they took it out.”

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Other than that, Bentley’s daughter, 76-year-old Ginger Robbins, said the mom of five never showed any symptoms.

“We had no reason to believe there was anything like that wrong,” Robbins told CNN. “She was always very healthy. She was always doing something, taking us to Campfire Girls, fishing, swimming. She was an excellent swimmer.”

Allee added her mother would have gotten a kick out of the news.

“My mom would think this was so cool,” Allee told the university. “She would be tickled pink that she could teach something like this. She would probably get a big smile on her face, knowing that she was different, but made it through.”

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