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At one point during the video, Turner sat between two goats and fed each of them some milk.

“This is what yoga really should be,” she said while bottle-feeding her two furry friends. Turner then used the funny moment to crack a joke about herself and her drinking habits.

“It’s like me at the bar,” she quipped, letting out a laugh.

“I’m feeding goats with bottles while kinda-ish doing yoga. This is great,” she added.

This isn’t the first time that Turner proved why she’s so deserving of the GOAT (greatest of all time) title. The actress also demonstrated how she’s worthy of the iconic name after effortlessly pounding a glass of wine at the New York Rangers hockey game last month.

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While attending the game at Madison Square Garden with Jonas, 29, the actress was featured on the Jumbotron camera and decided to make an epic party move.

As soon as Turner realized she was on the big screen, the actress dabbed for the camera before chugging her entire glass of red wine with her other arm raised in the air, prompting the crowd to erupt into cheers and applause.

After she finished, Turner proudly fist pumped into the camera, laughed, and wiped her mouth clean.

The impressive chug caught the attention of several stars in Hollywood, including Drake, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Graham, and Nick Jonas, all of which praised the actress for her “inspiring” efforts.  Her fiancé was also rather proud of his lady’s wine drinking talents, simply responding to the viral Barstool Sports clip with a smiley emoji wearing sunglasses.

Sophie Turner/Instagram

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Turner and Jonas began dating in November 2016, but the duo didn’t become Instagram official until January. In October 2017, the musician popped the question.

The couple shared the happy news with corresponding Instagram posts of Turner’s hand on top of Jonas’, showing off the stunning engagement ring against their black clothes. “I said yes,” Turner captioned the photo while the singer wrote, “She said yes.”

Last month, Jonas confirmed during an appearance on

“We’re going to have a summer wedding, which I’m looking forward to,” he added. “It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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