“I was 22 and it had been so many years after the shooting I just knew I couldn’t live in sadness and holding onto that experience so tightly,” she told

With every mile ran, the sisters worked on their emotional wellbeing, and soon set a goal to run the Boston Marathon. It wasn’t until this year that both of them qualified, and on Monday, five days before the 20-year anniversary of the shooting, the two set out to run the 26.2-mile race together.

“It is this huge monumental thing we have accomplished together, not only in running but also in our mental health and our happiness and our success as individuals. It is huge,” Bush told

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“It is hard and scary. We are scared of normal things. You can’t be a hermit. You can’t hide away. You have to choose to be part of the world and be part of the good,” she continued.

While their emotional wounds may never fully disappear, both Hall and Bush hope to inspire the countless victims of gun violence who are still dealing with its effects.

“We believe so strongly you can find hope in your life and you can live a happy and fulfilled life,” Hall told

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