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She added the hashtags, “#grateful #love #babyshower #boy#2 #daughter #mom # nana @brookewiederhorn @kcjay @kathyhilton @kylerichards18 @hucksleywiederhorn @nickyhilton @farrahbritt Whit.”

In November, Brooke, who tied the knot with Thayer in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in May 2015, announced the happy news that her family would be adding another little boy into the mix. “Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! 🦃❤️ Thankful for baby boy #2 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦😍” she captioned a smiling family beach photo.

Brooke, whose father is the late Monty Brinson, previously gushed about what an amazing grandmother Kim would be prior to the arrival of Hucksley.

“I know you will be an even more amazing grandma!! I love you!” Brooke wrote in a sweet birthday post to Kim.

Now that Kim is a grandmother of two, there’s no doubt that she’s going to love being on babysitting duty for her new grandson.

“Right now, I’m really at a peaceful place in my life, being a mom and a grandmother,” Kim told PEOPLE in summer 2018. “It’s just so amazing for me.”

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“I like not having the negativity,” she said of not appearing on

“He’s super outgoing, animated, super lovable, calls me Nana,” she said proudly of Hucksley. “I bought him a set of Safari animals, like 72 Safari animals. I can say, ‘Where’s the platypus,’ and he’ll know where the platypus is at. He knows every animal, and I’m not just saying this because he’s my grandson, but he’s so smart.”

“He sings and he loves to dance,” she added. “We put him in the car seat and he immediately wants the radio [on]. He makes these faces, he loves music. He’s just extremely loving and a happy baby, doesn’t cry a lot.”

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