Thankfully, “baby Shams was born happy and healthy,” Javid’s rep says, “and [MJ is] feeling much better than her first day in ICU.”

“Both her and Tommy are feeling extremely blessed that everything turned out okay and are thankful for Dr. Jay Goldberg, and Dr. Steve Rad, and all the doctors, nurses and staff at Cedars-Sinai who ensured the baby and her were taken care of,” the statement continues.

“Tommy and Mercedes can’t wait to go home and spend time with their baby boy,” the statement concludes.

In celebration of their little one’s arrival, Feight shared an adorable photo of Javid holding their newborn son for the first time on Thursday while sitting in a wheelchair in her hospital gown.

“Daenerys of the House Javid, the First of Her Name, The Cerclaged, Queen of the Spray Tans, the Shahs and the First Men, Queen of Beverly, Khaleesi of the Great Cedar Sinai, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Shopping Centers, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons #toughestbroadiknow #bendtheknee #myqueen #kookybroad #myson #GOT @cedarssinai @drshahinghadir @drsteverad,” Feight, who referenced


In a previous Instagram post earlier on Thursday, Feight opened up about the delivery, which he said “was the worst night of my life,” and revealed that Javid had not yet held their son.

“My wife had a ton of complications. She was in surgery for like five hours. They didn’t tell me nothing. But they’re amazing at Cedars. They saved her life. She’s still in ICU, she still hasn’t held her baby yet,” he said. “That should probably happen later today, though.”

“He on the other hand is looking great,” Feight said of his son. “He couldn’t be happier. … They have him in a tanning bed now with glasses on. No joke, a day old he’s already in a tanning bed. Couldn’t be more like his mother if he tried. She went spray tanning before we went to the hospital. … But everything’s great. I’m the happiest guy on [earth].”

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Javid, 46, first revealed her pregnancy news in October, telling

“I’m hoping that my baby will remind me of my father and, of course, have a piece of Tommy and me,” she remarked. “It’s the cycle of life.”

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Feight and Javid said “I do” in April 2018. The lead-up to their wedding (and the ensuing drama) has been a storyline throughout 

The new mom opened up to PEOPLE in a recent issue about how she conceived via in vitro fertilization, after difficulties in getting pregnant for some time.

“When you do IVF, you take progesterone shots and medication for almost a month leading up to your [embryo] transfer. You are basically pumping yourself up with hormones,” she recalled. “That made me gain weight, it made me very moody, it made me feel not my usual self. It is something people don’t know, or maybe they don’t talk about.”

Shannon Laurine

Javid hit a hiccup earlier in the summer when doctors discovered polyps in her uterine lining; they had to first remove them before they could do an embryo transfer. She then had a little bit of “down time” before going on medication again. Doctors finally transferred the embryo on Aug. 23 — and it stuck.

“We had that grueling 10-day waiting period when you’ve done the transfer but you don’t know if it worked, and you just have to wait until you are 10 days in so it will show up on a blood test,” the star told PEOPLE.

But when she finally learned the news was positive, “That moment was just surreal,” Javid shared. “It was the blessing we had been praying for.”

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