Sudeikis, 43, and Wilde, 35, began dating in November 2011, and were engaged by January 2013.

Last April, Sudeikis told Stephen Colbert how the two started dating. “I met her at a finale party for

Romance, at the time, wasn’t in the cards — as Sudeikis had heard Wilde was dating someone else. Rather than be destroyed by that, he decided to play the long game.

“I actually came off looking a little cooler than I really am because I had heard through the grapevine, through mutual friends who weren’t exactly her best girlfriends, who would report back, ‘Oh you know, I think she’s dating someone,’ ” he explained. “So I didn’t make any moves. I was just very, 

“We sort of reintroduced ourselves,” he added. “The universe had more in store for us in the fall.”

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While Sudeikis may have been playing coy, it turns out that Wilde wasn’t feeling so relaxed about his distance.

“I met Jason, and I thought he was so charming … but he didn’t even get my number,” Wilde told 

Wilde and Sudeikis recently teamed up for the upcoming film 

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