“Oh yeah does it feel to everyone like I’ve been pregnant for a long time? It must be getting annoying to you all that I’m still pregnant,” she jokingly wrote in the caption. “Well imagine how I feel mother f—!!!!!!”

The comedian also sarcastically added the hashtags “#soblessed” and “#hatemondaysloveweekendstho.”

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The pregnancy update came two weeks after Schumer last confirmed she was still carrying her first child and joked about her pregnancy, which in all seriousness, has been a difficult one.

“Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer set pulses racing while the heavily pregnant Schumer flaunts her growing baby bump,” she quipped alongside a sweet photo of her and her husband going for a walk in the park.

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Schumer then took aim at medical research for the lack of women’s health studies on hyperemesis and endometriosis.

“Amy is still pregnant and puking because money rarely goes to medical studies for women such as hyperemesis or endometriosis and instead goes to things like d— not getting hard enough or old guys who want harder d—.”

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Back in November, Schumer was hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum, a form of acute morning sickness that Kate Middleton also experienced in all three of her pregnancies. (Ayesha Curry also battled the illness.)

The condition has yet to subside for Schumer, despite her being in her third trimester.

Schumer’s most recent pregnancy confirmation is seemingly in reference to the plethora of fans who thought the

On April 22, Schumer shared a photo of a book she’s currently reading titled 

“The book #expecting better by @profemilyoster got me through pregnancy. It is a fact and statistic based look at pregnancy. She is economist at Brown University. Her follow up book #cribsheet is about children from birth to preschool. I am so grateful for her work.”

Amy Schumer/Instagram

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Within seconds, Schumer’s post was flooded with congratulatory notes — perhaps because Schumer wrote “got me through pregnancy.”

“Uhhh congratulations? Lol idk if I’m reading too much into that,” one fan wrote.

“Got you through as in past tense?! Are congratulations in order?! 💕” a different user commented.

“Through pregnancy meaning. . . .” another fan questioned.

In addition to her reading, Schumer also got in some real-life practice earlier last month, after the

“Met this little honey baby today,” Schumer captioned her image showing the child resting on her lap, which was obscured by a special pillow. “Chris and I got some practice in. Thanks Pete and Jess. We love you!! Baby Syd!!!”

Once again, some of her fans and famous friends seemingly missed the memo and thought that the child was hers.

“Mazel,” wrote Courtney Love, while Tom Green added, “Congratulations, Amy!”

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