DJ Adam Sky was found dead on Saturday after police believe he tried to rescue his personal assistant, Zoia Lukiantceva, who had fallen from their private terrace in Bali


Joelle Goldstein

May 07, 2019 12:11 AM

An Australian DJ’s family and friends are in mourning after he died over the weekend while attempting to help a woman who had fallen from the side of his villa’s private pool.

Adam Neat, who went by the stage name DJ Adam Sky, was found dead at the Hillstone Villas Resort in Bali on Saturday morning, according to

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Neat’s tragic death was also confirmed by his publicist on his social media accounts on Sunday.

“It is with great regret that we can confirm Adam Neat was involved in a fatal accident while trying to help a friend who had suffered multiple fractures in Bali on Saturday 4th May 2019,” the statement reads.

“Relatives and friends of Adam are traveling to Bali today and handling all arrangements. We ask you to respect the families privacy at this moment while we all come to terms with our tragic loss,” his publicist continued.

Adam Sky/Instagram

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The Singapore-based DJ was believed to have been drinking with his personal assistant, Zoia Lukiantceva, on Friday when she fell over 30 feet from their luxury terrace at the Hillstone Villas Resort and fractured her leg, the

Right before she fell, Lukiantceva had been swimming in the private terrace’s pool, according to

In an attempt to save his friend, Neat ran to help Lukiantceva but unfortunately never made it to her, as he instead crashed through another villa’s full-length glass door in a bid to reach her, the

The incident caused Neat to suffer severe wounds to his right arm — an injury South Kuta Police chief Comr. Doddy Monza said he believed led to his death.

“He had only one wound, but it affected his artery,” he told the

Police told the outlet that Neat’s body was later found on Saturday morning when a hotel employee discovered Lukiantceva lying in the bushes with her injured leg.

South Kuta’s criminal investigation unit chief Muhammad Nurul Yaqin also told the

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“After his friend fell from their villa, we assume Adam went searching to the vacant villa beneath as he suspected she fell down there. When entering he broke the glass, which is where he injured himself,” Chief Yaqin said, according to the outlet.

“He continued to search inside [based on the trail of blood inside the villa] and then he lay in the bedroom, probably tired, face up [on the ground] in front of the bathroom. We suspect they were both drunk, because we found many empty bottles of beer in the villa,” he continued.

Chief Yaqin also noted that no drugs were found at the Bali villa, according to the local outlet.

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Because of the nature of Neat’s death, his family — who arrived in Denpasar on Sunday night — did not wish to have an autopsy performed by Indonesian authorities, the

“They have met with the investigators. They understand the situation. We will not be pushing for an autopsy because we do not consider this to be a suspicious death,” South Kuta police chief Doddy Monza said, according to the outlet.

In the wake of Neat’s death, his wife Marvie Jean shared a photo of the pair together on Facebook. She has yet to speak publicly about the loss of her husband.

One of the top producers and DJ’s in Asia, Neat was considered a “powerhouse in their dance music scene,” according to his website.

In his tenure, he had earned more Top 100 and Top 10 tracks than any other producer-DJ in Asia and held several residencies in the region, his site reads.

In addition to his music, Neat also hosted a radio show, Guestlist Radio, which has more than a million monthly listeners globally.

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