Each of the superstars has a distinct ability to fully concentrate when pressure is at its highest, according to filmmaker Gotham Chopra


Jason Duaine Hahn

May 16, 2019 05:13 PM

While the NFL’s Tom Brady and the NBA’s Stephen Curry — two of the greatest athletes alive — play different sports, they have many things in common, says one filmmaker who worked closely with both of them.

Documentarian Gotham Chopra, who helmed separate season-long documentaries on Facebook for both the athletes, told

“They do have some similar DNA, especially that ability when the playoffs come to really focus and wrap themselves in the bubble and shut out the noise,’’ Chopra said.

Last season, Brady, 41, regularly faced scrutiny over his age — especially after the New England Patriots suffered early losses But a few months later he held up his sixth Super Bowl trophy after defeating an up-and-coming Los Angeles Rams team led by a young coach and a quarterback almost half of his age.

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The 31-year-old Curry, meanwhile, famously struggled with ankle injuries before he became the centerpiece of the Golden State Warriors championship teams and at one point experienced five ankle sprains while playing in just 26 games, according to ESPN.

Still, Curry pressed on and is now on the verge of winning his fourth NBA championship.

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Doug Duran/Digital First Media/East Bay Times via Getty

“They turn doubt into fuel,” Chopra told the 

Chopra recalled how, in one of his documentaries, the Warriors head coach discussed “how maintaining greatness is way harder than achieving greatness because when you’re at the top everyone is coming at you, or teammates start fighting to share credit, or money becomes an issue.”

Chopra added: “Managing all of that is harder than being the outsider or underdog trying to get that first chip.”

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