Before the Bravo show, Sandoval worked as a male model and has said that he dealt with “harassment and so much creepiness” in the industry. He also said female models were treated better than the men, in his experience.

“In my experience, 15 f—- years of experience, in every major market — Chicago, L.A., New York, Miami — at 10 agencies across the U.S., with [female models], they were always paid more, treated far better. If they were young, they had a parent with them. They make more, they’re treated better, they’re put way more on a pedestal. And I don’t disagree with that,” he said in January on the 

But he doesn’t have only negative memories of his modeling days.

“It was cool; it was great. It’s a young kid’s game, for sure,” he added.

Sandoval isn’t the only 

Stassi Schroeder told PEOPLE in February that she has her Botox routine “down to a science.”


“I’ve always done it conservatively, and I have it down to a science,” she said. “I know exactly how much I like to get, where I like to get it, and I always tell my doctor, ‘You know, I need to have some expression.’ I like people to see how I’m feeling. I’m on reality TV: If I’m angry, people need to know it. I’ve never been somebody that’s so addicted to freezing my face. It’s not about freezing your face, to me, it’s just about getting rid of my wrinkles. We all have wrinkles, and when my makeup starts seeping into my lines, that’s when I know I need to get Botox. I’m like, ‘Ughhh, it’s time to go back!’”


“I have to be me. I have to do what I want to do to my face and my body and feel good about myself. It’s not for somebody else,” she added.

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