Following the heated dispute over pace of play at last week’s Northern Trust, Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka together joined hosts Pat Perez and Michael Collins on Sirius XM PGA TOUR Radio’s “Out of Bounds” to discuss the issue of slow play in the sport.

*All quotes courtesy of SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio

The two men shared their perspectives and ideas on slow play on Tour, with Koepka believing that one of the major issues is that some players on Tour aren’t aware of their slow play, proposing that players go and watch film to become mindful of the amount of time they take over each shot during a round.

When asked if any players approached him following last week’s controversy at Liberty National, DeChambeau explained that a couple of players came up to him and told him that they were never waiting despite the perceived slow play of the 25-year-old, while DeChambeau also admitted that he is slow when on the greens and is working on ways to improve his pace over putts.

Both Koepka and DeChambeau agreed that if the Tour were to add a shot to a player’s score, then no player on Tour would take over the allotted 40 second time – with DeChambeau claiming that it would undoubtedly be the most strenuous punishment.

However, despite both players supporting the idea of a shot penalty if a player took over their allotted 40 seconds, Koepka blamed the “non-confrontational” style of the PGA Tour whom he believes are too frightened at the prospect of making players “mad” to implement a stroke penalty for slow play.

DeChambeau also stated how he is unsure how much quicker rounds could be, even with a stricter rule regards the 40-second shot clock, due to elements such as fans as well as camera crews on the course.

There was also time for some more lighthearted exchanges. When host Collins brought up that people thought that DeChambeau and Koepka could end up fighting at the Northern Trust, the following humorous exchange ensued.

Collins: “People acted like the two of y’all were going to fight.”

DeChambeau: “Let’s be honest, we know who would win that fight, and it’s not me. Let me tell you right now he’d kick my ass.”

Perez: “We do know that.”

Koepka: “He’s got that right.” 

“Out of Bounds” the weekly show hosted by Pat Perez and Michael Collins airs every Tuesday on SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio from 8-10 PM ET.


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