Charles Leclerc isn’t ready to follow into the dietary footsteps of Lewis Hamilton, but the Ferrari driver is open to learning more about the benefits of veganism.

Hamilton switched to a plant-based diet in 2017 and claims the new regimen had made him both healthier and happier, even putting his money where his mouth is by investing in a meat-free burger chain.

The five-time world champion regularly promotes the virtues of veganism on social media, although one of his latest entries on Instagram was a depressing tirade in which he questioned the state of the environment, urging everyone to go vegan as it’s “the only way to truly save our planet”.

Leclerc isn’t succumbing to such a gloomy outlook, but the 22-year-old is willing to at least investigate veganism.

    Depressed Hamilton feels like ‘giving up on everything’

“I’m not vegan,” Leclerc told Reuters. “I’m obviously looking at all of these things and whatever I can do on my side to help that I will, but on the other hand I want to be 100 percent in physical form.

“I’ve got some programmes to follow but I’m looking into that too.

“I think Lewis is a good example of going vegan, but at the moment I think different drivers have different opinions on that.

“At the moment I’m just trying to follow the best way, and the way I feel the best with myself. I’m happy like that.”

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Leclerc has no difficulties in questioning or challenging himself, whether it’s on his nutrition habits or learning from his mistakes on the track.

Indeed, the Monegasque how showed impressive maturity this season and believes he is his most severe judge, a self-appraisal approach that he sees as the best path to improvement.

“I’ve always been very hard on myself, it’s the way that works with me,” he said.

“I don’t like to hide the errors I make. Any time I’m doing a mistake, I’m just saying it.

“For me, it’s the easiest way to improve from that afterwards. I analyse everything I do and when I see something I don’t like I try to find the solution and that’s why I’m so hard on myself.

“It might be that for some drivers it doesn’t work like that but on my side I’m pretty sure this is the way forward so I will stay like this.”

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