Mayor Pete Buttigieg responded to Donald Trump Jr. on Friday for saying that it was time for former Vice President Joe Biden to “pack it up” after another debate filled with missteps and gaffes.

Donald Trump Jr. mocked Biden on TMZ for his “perpetual gaffes” and for suggesting that no one involved in a non-violent crime should be in prison during the Democrat debate on Thursday.

“So he wants to release Bernie Madoff?” Trump Jr. asked. “He’s just a little past his prime.”

But Buttigieg fired back, asserting that President Donald Trump committed more missteps in office than Biden ever could.

“The current president makes more missteps verbally and on Twitter in a matter of an hour or two than the former vice president,” he said in an interview with TMZ Live on Friday.

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Buttigieg criticized Donald Trump Jr. for taking a shot at Biden.

“Anyone related to the Trump administration is in no position to throw stones when it comes to gaffe statements,” he said. “The differences, you know, the president doesn’t just misspeak, he says something false on a daily basis.”

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