Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen may have bought a home, but if they did it’s not the one listed in reports over the weekend. Real estate company Compass said the $9 million mansion referenced in the report has not been purchased by the power couple.

“I don’t know if they bought in Greenwich, but according to information I have, Tom and Gisele did not purchase the house that is referred to/shown in which is a Compass listing,” Ashley Murphy, who works for Compass, told Patch.

The Connecticut Post said that the property in question is listed as a pending sale but no official records have yet been filed at Greenwich Town Hall as of late Friday.

The Brady family’s Brookline mansion hit the market in August for $39.5 million. They knocked a couple million off the price in October.

Brady said him putting his home on the market wasn’t something worried Patriots fans had to “read into.” The 42-year-old quarterback is playing without a contract for next year for the first time in his career, and questions about whether he is mulling retirement or moving to another team have surrounded him all season.

Brian McCready, Patch, contributed to this report

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