PARSIPPANY, NJ — A mixed martial arts fighter from Parsippany has offered to pay for martial arts lessons— and the transportation to get to them — for a student who was caught on camera being bullied.

Dillon Danis, a professional fighter who graduated from Parsippany Hills High School, tracked down the student after a video of him being verbally and physically targeted by bullies inside a school bathroom made the rounds on Twitter earlier this week.

“These videos break my heart nobody should have to go through this, if anyone knows how to contact him I wanna get him into martial arts immediately,” Danis said, adding an expletive.

The internet worked quickly, connecting Danis with the student in less than a day. Danis offered to pay for a membership at the closest ju jitsu gym, as well as Ubers to and from the gym. The student started his membership Tuesday, with Danis sending the promised car to transport the student.

The student thanked everyone for their concerns in an Instagram post, with the caveat he was not trying to get famous for a “dumb” incident. “I appreciate everyone checking in on me, but I’m good, I’m good,” he said in the video.

The viral bullying incident took place at Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy West in Baltimore, Baltimore Patch reported.

The assault prompted an investigation, and now officials say they know who the students in the video are. In a statement, a district spokesperson said, “To the extent possible, students in the video have been identified. Appropriate action will be taken in accordance with City Schools’ Code of Conduct.”

Despite offering to pay for ju jitsu lessons, Danis made clear that he does not condone violence, tweeting out, “The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them.”

This might not be the end of Danis’ bullying prevention efforts. The fighter suggested starting an organization to help teach bullied students self-defense skills.

The Bully Menace

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