ORO VALLEY, AZ — So, a bobcat was creeping along in the Sonora Desert near Oro Valley the other day when it encountered a western black rattlesnake slithering not-so-quietly along, perhaps on the hunt for a chipmunk, rat or, if it was lucky, a prairie dog.

Which would you bet on: the stealthy cat, a fierce hunter that can kill much larger prey, or this particular type of rattlesnake capable of delivering large amounts of potent venom?

The whole thing was caught on a video that illustrates the never-ending and sometimes brutal battle for survival in nature.

The bobcat approached. It even struck with its big paw a few times. Would it pounce? Curiosity could have killed this cat. It backed off and scampered away. The snake went on with whatever it was doing.

Bobcats have no immunity to snake venom, according to the Arizona Game & Fish Department, which posted a video of the encounter on its Twitter account. Wildlife officials said the bobcat was probably attracted to the snake by its movement and sound.

You can watch the video, shot by Rolf Averill, below.

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