MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO — That billboard comparing President Donald Trump to Jesus is back up in St. Louis County, according to the Riverfront Times. The paper sighted the electronic ad on rotation in Maryland Heights on Thursday, near the intersection of Maryland Heights Expressway and Riverport Drive.

The billboard features a photo of the president with the slogan “Make The Gospel Great Again” emblazoned in the top right corner. A partial Bible verse, “The Word Became Flesh…” from John 1:14 is written in large font along the bottom third, just beneath Trump’s picture.

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The billboard was first spotted by drivers in north St. Louis county last weekend, but was quickly removed by DDI Media, a St. Louis-based advertising company, due to its “political nature and the fact that it did not disclose the sponsoring organization.”

DDI Media did not disclose who paid for the billboard, but KMOV reports a group called “Make The Gospel Great Again” is responsible for the ad.

“Our billboard IS NOT equating Jesus with President Donald Trump,” the group wrote on Facebook. According to the group, Trump is just God’s messenger.

“…God does send his messengers to us, and just as King David liberated the faithful in his day, President Trump is doing this today through his protection of the unborn, defense of our land against foreign invaders and standing up for Israel,” the post continues. “He surrounds himself with champions for Christian Rights — Mike Pence, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh. Compared to the disaster of a president we had in Obama, how is this not the ‘word become flesh’ for Americans? As Christians we must not stand against God’s will despite the persecution we face for doing so.”

The post has since been deleted or set to private, so Patch was unable to verify its contents independently.

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Patch has reached out to Shout Outdoor Media, which manages the ad’s new billboard, but the company did not immediately return our request for comment. This story will be updated if we hear back.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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