Italy in top match in Montichiari won with Germany 3-1 (25-23 25-20 24-26 25-20). In sceond match Argenitna stopped Kazakhstan with result 3-2 (15-25 25-15 23-25 25-20 15-9).


Game was quite interesting to watch, however Germans again showed that they aren’t in best shape. OH Maren Brinker had only 6 points. Best scorers were second OH Heike Beier (16), MB Christiane Furst (14) and OPP Margareta Kozuch. From Italians best were OH Carolina Costagrande (21 points), OPP Valentina Diouf (15) and OH Caterina Bosetti (13). Good substitutes had naturalised Lithuanian OPP, Indre Sorokaite.

In game between Argentina and Kazakhstan were many turnovers. It was game by opposites, Argentinian Lucia Fresco (24 points, 40%spike) and Kazakh Tatyana Mudritskaya (31 points, 50% spike). Other players weren’t so decisive. Despite a bit worse spike Argentina won thanks to serves and better reception.

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