International volleyball stars as the local Milinkovic, cuban middle blocker Yhosvany Hernández, czech Kamil Baranek, Colombian Alex Moreno, brazilian Joel Dos Santos and Rodrigo Gil are going to play the next season in Argentina.


The experts said that the 2010-2011 A1 Argentinian National League is going to be one of the best ever. And may be they are right. With just a look of the twelve team players, you can see that they are a lot of stars.
Drean Bolívar is the four times champion and this year left some important players as Alejandro Spajic (Lokomotiv Belgorod, RUS), Guillermo García (Buenos Aires Unidos, ARG), Wallace Jansen de Sousa Martins (SESI SP, BRA), William Peixoto Arjona (SADA Cruzeiro, BRA) but it also contract the setter Luciano De Cecco (Kalingrad, RUS), spiker Lucas Ocampo (Soria, ESP), middle blockers Sebastian Solé (Sonder Rosario) and Franco Giachetta (Indonesia) to keep the Cup.
Runner up last season, UPCN kept middle blocker Gustavo Porporatto, spiker Leonardo Patti, brazilian Junior, setter Demian González and brought Colombian opposite Alex Moreno and Czech spiker Kamil Baranek to finish Bolívar´s kingdom.
Unión Formosa acquired a new formation, with setter Maxi Cavanna (Villa Maria), middle blockers Pablo Peralta (PSM) and Javier Sanchez (Gigantes del Sur), spiker Rodrigo Villalva, opposite Gustavo Scholtis (free pass) and brazilian Rodrigo Gil, who played for 8 years in italian league.
There are two new places to play: Buenos Aires Unidos from Mar del Plata, and Sarmiento from Chaco. The first one has broken the shop with the contract of opposite Marcos Milinkovic (Union Formosa), spiker Garcia (Bolìvar), Gaston Giani (Hot Volleys, AUS), setter Sebastian Firpo (who played last season in Romania), brazilian middle blocker André Radke, cuban Yhosvany Hernández and libero Martin Meana. The team has the government support and its coached by Waldo Kantor.
Sarmiento has also the state support and its going to be conduced by Jorge Elgueta, in his first time as principal coach. He got Venezuelan setter Juan Carlos Blanco, Brazilians opposite Joel (UPCN) and Ricardo Serafin; and middle blocker Martín Blanco Costa to excite its fans.
Boca Juniors reinforced the sextet with opposite Diego Bonini (Drac Palma, ESP) and brazilian Marcus Eloe (Belgium league). Coach Marcelo Gigante relies his young team that won the regional championship and is led by Mariano Giustiniano.
Setter Esteban Simaro (German league) joined to the A2 Champion, Pescadores from Entre Ríos; spiker Leandro Concina (Goia di Colle, Italy) and Venezuelan Jorge Blanco Silva went to Chubut Volley; opposite Jerónimo Nicola is going to continue in PSM Volley from Santa Fe. Villa María kept the world best young libero Franco López and contract opposite Martín Hernández (Gigantes del Sur).
Which team is going to win?

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