In the last round of polish league, no one could complain about the lack of emotions. In many cases, those matches were playing “for six points” – play off round is getting closer and closer. This year, only 6 best teams will have opportunity to fight for medals.



The most exciting game took place in Wielun. AZS Olsztyn arrived in order to improve their desperate situation. However, Siatkarz Wielun was playing better when the first part was coming to the end. But this little failure did not deprive the guest of their hope. Host were leading 2:1, but AZS kept a cold blood and after a successful attack of Marcel Gromadowski, both teams were preparing to tie break. Although Pamapol was leading 7:3, Olsztyn catched the rivals and everything was possible till the last action. Finally, AZS Olsztyn was the winner and the teams shared their points (two points for Olsztyn, one for Wielun). MVP was Kert Toobal.

After unlucky series of failures, Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle played a really good game against Jastrzebski Wegiel, which also needs points to get into group of the best six teams in the ranking. The guests were doing well in block (11 points in whole match) and Pawel Zagumny was leading his team calmly and confidently. Unfortunately, there were a lot of mistakes made by main referee, including two serious wrong decisions in the end of the most exciting and most important third set. Anyway, Zaksa was playing better and they deserved to win. MVP Pawel Zagumny.

Skra Belchatow came back from Doha with silver medal and they had to retrieve their leadership in schedule, which was took by Czestochowa. Skra was actually playing with this rival. Firstly, AZS built few points more and they won the first part 25:19. After that, it was not so easy anymore. Czestochowa was playing with a huge number of mistakes and they could not win with their low level of the game. Also the third set was hopeless for guests and fantastic for the hosts (8:2 on the first technical time). Unfortunately, Marcin Mozdzonek (middle blocker of Skra) got injured in this part. However, Belchatow won this game 3:1 and MVP was Mariusz Wlazly, who scored 22 points.

Asseco Resovia came do Kielce for three points and nothing less. For two sets they consistently pursued this plan, by winning two times 25:16. They were close to finish this game in three sets, because they had first match point with result 24:19. But Fart did not give up. They were blocking and serving so successfully that they also got 24th point and finally, team from Kielce won 30:28. Anyway, the fourth part was the last of this game and three points are going to Rzeszow. It was a big game of Aleh Akhrem who scored 30 points and became the MVP of the match.

Delecta Bydgoszcz had no chances with AZS Warszawa. In each of three sets, Warszawa scored a few points more and they didn’t let their rivals to be a danger for their victory. This game finished quickly 3:0 and MVP was Zbigniew Bartman.

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