This week’s episode of Monday Night RAW was able to generate an average of 2.923 million viewers. This is up 11% from last week’s 2.639 million viewers. This is the best RAW viewership since the post-SummerSlam 2018 episode, which was able to generate an average of 3.095 million viewers. It barely edged out The February 25th episode of Monday Night RAW from this year which was able to generate an average of 2.922 million viewers for a show that had the returns of Roman Reigns & Batista. While it was the best viewership of the year, it was down 25% from last year’s post-WrestleMania RAW.
This week’s episode of Monday Night RAW was The Fallout Show from this past Sunday’s WrestleMania 35 PPV and it featured the returns of The Undertaker & Sami Zayn as well as the debut of Lars Sullivan and a Tag Team Main Event Matchup featuring WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins & WWE Champion Kofi Kingston going up against The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro).
For this week’s show, the first hour drew 3.182 million viewers (last week’s hour 1 – 2.788 million), the second hour drew 2.943 million viewers (last week’s hour 2 – 2.754 million) and the final hour drew 2.646 million viewers (last week’s hour 3 – 2.402 million), a 17% drop from hour 1 so the announced Winner Take All Match didn’t hold the audience. Monday Night RAW was #2 for the night in viewership on cable, behind Tucker Carlson Tonight. Tucker topped the night in viewership with 2.932 million viewers. Monday Night RAW was #1 in the 18-49 demographic on the Cable Top 150 this week, for the second week in a row.
American Idol on ABC drew 6.492 million viewers on broadcast TV in The 8PM hour while Big Bang Theory drew 5.071 million viewers on CBS, The Voice drew 7.616 million viewers on NBC, The Resident drew 2.463 million viewers on FOX & CW’s DC Legends drew 947,000 viewers, all in The 8PM hour on broadcast TV. The big winner on broadcast television was The NCAA tournament championship, which averaged 19.6 million viewers.
To compare, The RAW after WrestleMania 34 drew 3.921 million viewers, up from the previous week’s 3.357 million viewers and was #1 that night in viewership and the 18-49 demographic. The post-WrestleMania 33 RAW drew 3.767 million viewers while the post-WrestleMania 32 RAW drew 4.09 million viewers. The RAW after WrestleMania drew just over 5 million viewers in 2015 & 2014.
Below is Monday Night RAW’s viewership numbers for the rest of 2019:
– January 7th Episode: 2.324 million viewers
– January 14th Episode: 2.722 million viewers
– January 21st Episode: 2.462 million viewers (Royal Rumble Go-Home Episode)
– January 28th Episode: 2.703 million viewers (Royal Rumble Fallout Episode)
– February 4th Episode: 2.510 million viewers
– February 11th Episode: 2.462 million viewers (Elimination Chamber Go-Home Episode)
– February 18th Episode: 2.771 million viewers (Elimination Chamber Fallout Episode)
– February 25th Episode: 2.922 million viewers
– March 4th Episode: 2.783 million viewers (Fastlane Go-Home Episode)
– March 11th Episode: 2.819 million viewers (Fastlane Fallout Episode)
– March 18th Episode: 2.695 million viewers
– March 25th Episode: 2.589 million viewers
– April 1st Episode: 2.639 million viewers (WrestleMania 35 Go-Home Episode)
– April 8th Episode: 2.923 million viewers (WrestleMania 35 Fallout Episode)
2018 Total: 149.628 million viewers over 53 episodes
2018 Average: 2.823 million viewers per episode
2017 Total: 156.971 million viewers over 52 episodes
2017 Average: 3.018 million viewers per episode
Source: ShowBuzz Daily

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