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DECEMBER 19, 2017

Thanks to correspondents Romeo, Mike Omansky, Frank S., and Elvin E.

-The upper Bowl was halfway tapped off.


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(1) Breezango & Zack Ryder beat The Colons & Mojo Rawley in 6:00 when Fandango pinned one of the Colons.


-WWE advertised A.J. Styles vs. Jinder Mahal, but that was absorbed into the six-man tag match on Smackdown Live.

(1) Bobby Roode beat Baron Corbin in about 12:00 with the Glorious DDT in a “Newark Street Fight.”

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-Rusev was by far the most over act of the night. “Rusev Day” chants leaving the arena. Crowd was most hyped for the Christmas tag team match. A.J. Styles was second.

-205 Live was poorly received. Boring chants for the main event.

-A small percentage of the crowd stuck around for the Roode vs. Corbin street fight dark match. Decent match with Roode going over after throwing Corbin through a table in the corner and delivering the glorious DDT.

-The announced return date was May 6, 2018 for WWE Backlash. (“Backlash” is pre-sale passcode.)



-During one of the commercial breaks, Daniel Brian was at first row with a girl from “Make A Wish” and her family.  They posed for photos.  Then Stephanie McMahon came out, knelled, and spoke with the girl.

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