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By Sean Radican and James Caldwell, PWTorch Staff

Matt Sydal, who is under contract to New Japan Pro Wrestling, curiously missed last week’s big “Destruction” shows.

As a result, Sydal was removed from his position as NEVER Openweight Six-man Tag Champion and replaced by David Finlay on Sunday’s show.

Sydal said on Twitter that he had “passport trouble” trying to get to Japan to make the tour. It points to a larger issue that many wrestlers are facing.

According to wrestlers, the country of Japan is looking to clean up the work visa process, which is making it more difficult to renew or obtain visas.

According to Sydal, he was stuck at the LAX airport in Los Angeles on September 20/21 and slept overnight trying to make it to Japan. He ended up in Hawaii after his passport issues.

Four days later on Sunday night, Sydal said that he’s staying in Hawaii and going off the grid “until this sorts out.”

With New Japan booking Ring of Honor, U.S., and international wrestlers on a regular basis, the company is looking to make sure everyone’s visa situation is in proper order to avoid situations like Sydal being unable to make a big tour.

Hi everyone. Had passport trouble at the border after spending an extra day at LAX. Chillin in Hawaii until this sorts out #travelwoes

— Matt Sydal (@findevan) September 25, 2016

Thanks everyone but I'm the kind of guy that likes to go off the grid sometimes #ALOHA

— Matt Sydal (@findevan) September 25, 2016

I slept in baggage claim @flyLAXairport last night. Travel woes a plenty!

— Matt Sydal (@findevan) September 21, 2016