After next month’s WrestleMania 35, there has been some speculation that some of The NXT Call-Ups will be assigned to either The RAW or SmackDown LIVE Rosters. This will likely be happening in The Superstar Shake-up that will be taking place on April 16th & April 17th. Ricochet mentioned in his recent interview with WPSD Channel 6 that he will continue to wrestle on both shows until after WrestleMania 35 and then he assumes that he will be assigned to a roster. These NXT Superstars are reportedly still using The NXT graphics on RAW & SmackDown LIVE.
Sean Waltman, who will be inducted into The WWE Hall Of Fame Class OF 2019, is reportedly working as a guest trainer at The WWE Performance Center in Orlando this week. He tweeted props for Matt Riddle & Punishment Martinez, as seen below. WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall is reportedly also in Orlando, helping with the talents at The Team Vision Dojo, which he has been an adviser for since 2009. Team Vision would indicate that Hall is looking to be in great shape and is really sharp. They also said that he has been very busy as of late and while he can’t wrestle anymore, he loves to help out. Below are new shots of Hall & Waltman in Orlando this week:

I had a great 1st day here at @WWEPC. This place is unreal & so is the level of talent. These two gentlemen are a testament to that.
— Sean Waltman (@TheRealXPac) March 11, 2019

Great classes tonight at the Dojo with @SCOTTHALLNWO. Tomorrow, #training 4pm & #conditioning 7pm ($10 drop in rate for in-ring non-wrestling workout); Wednesday, training 1pm & 7pm; & Thursday, training 4pm & #improv 7pm ($10 drop in rate for fun improv).
— Team Vision Dojo (@TeamVisionDojo) March 12, 2019

Scott Hall watching the students train. Here @SCOTTHALLNWO see @MarinaCTucker throwing @RemiDanilo around.
— Team Vision Dojo (@TeamVisionDojo) March 12, 2019

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