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Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon has taken a prominent behind-the-scenes role at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Linda was part of the Republican Rules Committee, which met virtually the entire day last Thursday (July 14) addressing whether the delegates should endorse or prevent Donald Trump from receiving the GOP’s nomination for the U.S. presidential race.

Linda, who is one of two representatives from Connecticut, was visible during a roll call vote during the meeting.

On Monday, Linda was visible on the floor of the GOP Convention, including meeting with New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Linda also tweeted a photo of her moving around on a scooter following foot surgery.

Overall, Linda is looking to capitalize on her two Connecticut Senate runs in 2010 and 2012 to remain involved in politics.

Linda has a connection to GOP candidate Donald Trump through his long-time association with WWE and the McMahon Family, who are top individual donors to Trump’s foundation.

[ Thanks to Matt Johnson for contributing. ]

So good to see my friend @ChrisChristie on the floor of the Republican National Convention! #RNCinCLE pic.twitter.com/fdu8FYt2fI

— Linda McMahon (@Linda_McMahon) July 19, 2016

Greetings from the floor of the Republican National Convention! We are getting ready to gavel in! #RNCinCLE @CTGOP pic.twitter.com/9EsTC7s5na

— Linda McMahon (@Linda_McMahon) July 18, 2016

This is how I roll! #footsurgery #RNCinCLE pic.twitter.com/pN5Shefl5A

— Linda McMahon (@Linda_McMahon) July 18, 2016

Chatting with @lisawexler of @1490WGCH about the GOP convention & CT delegation. Tune in! pic.twitter.com/lmbWwBuO3W

— Linda McMahon (@Linda_McMahon) July 19, 2016