San Francisco 49ers Tight End George Kittle put his love for wrestling on full display after last week’s game vs. The Seahawks. During the post-game press conference, Kittle implored the assembled media to quickly ask their questions so he could be on his way to attend TLC in nearby San Jose.
There Kittle and teammate Earl Mitchell met Triple H & Stephanie McMahon before getting ringside seats. A couple of days later, Kittle was asked by NBC Sports to not only talk about his love for wrestling, but to critique WWE as well, as seen below:
“I think the script is a little messed up right now,” Kittle said of the WWE. “They said they were going to fix it, and I believe them. I’m looking forward to see what they do. You have Dean Ambrose back, and his feud with Seth Rollins is great.”
TLC was the perfect event for Kittle to attend because he prefers the chaotic scene that takes place in a tables, ladders, chairs or TLC Match. He wishes WWE would do more of that to keep the fans interested, as seen below:
“One of my favorite things is when I see guys flying out of the ring 24-7. Ladders matches, stuff like that. I love when there’s not a single second of down time. Everyone getting pushed, fight, fight, fight, fall out of the ring, and the next guy comes in. He falls out, next guy comes in. It’s like a rotation of six guys,” stated Kittle.
What The Pro Bowl Tight End doesn’t like is similar to what many other people aren’t fans of – a non-fighting champion. Brock Lesnar fits that bill as The WWE Universal Champion has wrestled just eight times in 2018.
“I hate it when there is a champion that doesn’t wrestle every week,” Kittle said. “Brock Lesnar wrestles maybe three times a year. I think that’s kind of hard for fans to watch because you’re not really a champion if you don’t wrestle.
“A championship match. That’s what really excites me.”
While Kittle is a huge fan of The WWE Superstars in the ring, don’t expect to see him lace up the boots anytime soon. Per his NFL Contract, Kittle isn’t allowed to take any bumps in the ring.
“Yeah,” Kittle explained, “I’m not allowed to really do anything. I obviously can’t get hurt.”

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