While watching Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown, I noticed a commercial on the TV broadcast for a WWE Live Road to WrestleMania event coming here locally where I live in Peoria, IL, and it advertised that Becky Lynch was once again SmackDown Women’s Champion and she would be wrestling Charlotte Flair for the title. That event will take place on Sunday, March 17. 
When I checked the Peoria Civic Center arena site, it also listed Lynch as champion facing Flair and AJ Styles wrestling against Randy Orton. What this means for the Royal Rumble, I’m not quite sure. It may mean that Lynch will indeed face Asuka and win the title back in Phoenix on January 27th. However, the rumors that Lynch will win the Women’s Royal Rumble could still be true, and she just winds up winning the belt back either at Elimination Chamber in Houston on February 17th or at Fast Lane in Cleveland on March 10. 
Either way, it looks like Asuka’s title reign will be short, if the advertisements for the local event here in Peoria, IL, hold true. 

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