Benjamin Netanyahu’s son was temporarily banned from Facebook after a series of anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian posts. 

Yair Netanyahu, 27, said he had been suspended from the site for 24 hours after suggesting that all Muslims should get out of Israel. 

“There will not be peace here until: 1. All the Jews leave the land of Israel. 2. All the Muslims leave the land of Israel. I prefer the second option,” he wrote. 

He later added: “Do you know where there are no terror attacks? In Iceland and Japan. Coincidentally there’s also no Muslim population there.”

Both posts were removed by Facebook moderators last week. He later posted again calling on Israel to “avenge the deaths” of two Israeli soldiers who were killed in the occupied West Bank. 

“There will never be peace with those monsters in the form of men that have called themselves ‘Palestinians’ since 1964,” he wrote.

That post was also deleted and a frustrated Mr Netanyahu then re-posted it with a comment lashing out at the “thought police of the radical progressives at Facebook”. 

He complained that “Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranian regime have official pages on Facebook” and yet their posts were not taken down. 

Facebook prohibits re-posting of material that has already been removed and it appears that it was this violation that led to Mr Netanyahu’s account being suspended. 

The prime minister’s son has a history of crude and provocative Facebook posts that his father is sometimes forced to disavow. He recently referred to the Israeli media and Left-wing politicians as “traitors”.

Last year, he posted a meme implying that George Soros, the Jewish financier, was secretly controlling the world. American Neo-Nazis noticed the post and praised Mr Netanyahu for its anti-Semitic content. He later deleted it. 

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As well as his political views, Mr Netanyahu playboy antics have also attracted attention in Israel. 

One of his former drivers secretly recorded Mr Netanyahu and his friends as they drove around Tel Aviv going to strip clubs.       

On the recording, Mr Netanyahu can be heard complaining that his friend, the son of an energy millionaire, would not lend him 400 shekels (£87).

He said that his own father, the prime minister, had helped his friend’s father win a major energy contract.

“You’re crying over 400 shekels. My father arranged 20 billion dollars for your father and you’re crying over 400 shekels for me,” he said. 

When the recordings became public last year, the Netanyahus insisted that Yair’s comments were just drunken banter and not evidence of corruption. 

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