This year’s Survivor Series event will once again follow a “Raw vs. SmackDown” format as members of each WWE roster compete against each other to determine the superior brand. However, it appears that WWE did not always intend to reuse this format for the show this year. According to WrestleVotes, Vince McMahon originally chose not to use the Raw vs. SmackDown dynamic this year because he did not want Roman Reigns to face AJ Styles in a Champion vs. Champion match. Reigns being out forced McMahon to change his mind. A planned match 5-on-5 elimination match between Team Corbin and Team Angle is still being considered, but it is possible that this match could end up being changed as well soon.

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Although it wasn’t even that long ago when Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling and Impact Wrestling merged together, the friendship between Jarrett and Impact’s parent company, Anthem Sports & Entertainment, has completely disappeared over the past few months. The WWE Hall of Famer is now suing Anthem, and he is seeking for the company to cease using the GFW name, initials, and GFW’s Amped shows. PWInsider reports that Anthem is now claiming that Jarrett has no legal copyrights for GFW events, and a motion has been filed to have the lawsuit dismissed. Anthem hopes to be dismissed as they claim that Anthem Sports is a different entity than Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions. A judge has ordered that all discoveries for the lawsuit should be completed by July 1st, 2019.
Over the years, plenty of sons and daughters of famous wrestlers have followed in the footsteps of their parents. Terrence and Terrell Hughes, the sons of WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley, have been training to become wrestlers themselves over the years, and the brothers event took part in a WWE tryout last June. While discussing their tryout during an interview with Chris Van Vilet, they both praised the Performance Center trainers for all of the advice that they gave them. The Hughes brothers also believe that they performed very well during their tryout and are still hoping to join NXT someday. Meanwhile, D-Von Dudley is still currently working as a backstage producer for WWE.

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