Emma suffered a back injury at yesterday’s house show in Charlottesville, VA. She was being examined today. In other injury news, it is official that Matt Jackson’s fractured hand will keep him out of the ring for four to six weeks so he and Nick Jackson are both out of the Best of the Super Juniors tournament, which starts tomorrow. New Japan hasn’t announced replacements.

We’re looking for your thoughts on yesterday’s UFC 198 show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to dave@wrestlingobserver.com” target=”_blank”>dave@wrestlingobserver.com.

Raw is tonight in Greensboro. It’s the go-home show for Extreme Rules and we should get one or two new matches announced for the show. We’re looking for reports on the dark matches, Superstars matches and anything else not evident from the live show.

We’re looking for reports on these shows also to dave@wrestlingobserver.com” target=”_blank”>dave@wrestlingobserver.com.

Friday’s WWE house show in Greeneville, NC

The Lucha Underground tapings this past weekend in Los Angeles. 

Smackdown and Main Event will be taped tomorrow night in Greenville, SC.  Not that this means anything, but they are advertising Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose & Cesaro vs. Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens & The Miz.


Stephanie McMahon autobiography set for September 27 release
Seth Rollins return is imminent, training at the WWE Performance Center 
Johnny Walker awaiting major aneurysm surgery
ROH Global Wars NYC live results: Lethal & Strong vs. Bullet Club vs. Okada & Ishii
UFC 198 Curitiba live results: Fabricio Werdum vs. Stipe Miocic

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Figure Four Weekly 5/9/2016: Hogan and Gawker fight over verdict – Hulk Hogan is suing Gawker a second time, this time for leaking the contents of sealed documents to the tabloids. Now we have the verdict. Find out all the details in this weeks issue of Figure Four Weekly.

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WWE had better hope that the string of improved shows will start clicking because with the Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game starting at 9 p.m., going against the final two hours of Raw, not to mention the usual Dancing With the Stars, this is a tough night for competition. The NHL playoff game with Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh also goes against Raw.  Raw hasn’t advertised anything of note for tonight, past the new gimmick debut of the Colon cousins, who will go as Primo & Epico, The Shining Stars. One note is that it will be Ric Flair’s first appearance in a long time at the Greensboro Coliseum, the building he helped put on the map during the 70s as one of the hottest arenas in the country. 

Jimmy Snuka’s competency to stand trail hearing will continue this week in Allentown, PA.

John Cena and the Bella Twins are in New York today for the NBC Universal upfronts. Cena was pushing the company’s charity work and used the term fans instead of WWE Universe. Well, in a situation like that, he probably should.

Bruno Sammartino, who has cut way back on autograph shows, announced what may be his last signing at The Big Event in Queens on 11/19, with an appearance along with Ivan Koloff and Larry Zbyszko.  


The company applied for a trademark for the term “Lady Balls” last week according to Pro Wrestling Sheet. The theory is that’s the title for Stephanie McMahon’s autobiography that was announced earlier today. 
NXT will be taping on Thursday night at Full Sail University.
There is a new episode of Camp WWE today with Sgt. Slaughter as a key figure leading Survival weekend.    


In a crazy story, Matt Brown, who had a few fans try to get at him as he went to the cage on Saturday night, was attacked at his hotel in Curitiba by his former Jiu Jitsu coach Rodrigo Botti yesterday morning. As the story goes, Botti punched Brown from behind and ran away. Friends of Brown chased him and grabbed him outside the hotel and held him for police. Brown was not injured in the attack and returned home to the U.S. Botti had charged Brown with assault last year in the U.S. 
David Berlin, who was the director of the New York State Athletic Commission, was replaced by Eric Bently. The commission will start regulating MMA in a few months with both UFC and Bellator expecting to go into the state with major shows.   


Dave Bautista, Gina Carano, George St-Pierre and Jean Claude Van Damme star in the movie “Kickboxer: Vengeance” that will be released at the theaters on 8/19. Bautista plays Tong Po, a Muay Thai champion. Other familiar names in the cast include Cain Velasquez, pro wrestler Luke Hawx, Tyron Woodley, Fabricio Werdum and Joe Schilling.
Scheduled for Impact tomorrow night on POP TV:

Velvet Sky vs. Sienna (Sky’s farewell to the promotion)

Ethan Carter III vs Tyrus last man standing

Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Lashley for the TNA title

WrestleMarica from Saturday night in Barnesville, GA before 300 fans: Dylan Cook b Scotty Beach, Trevor Acon & Damian Silva b Chris Henry & Shawn Sims, Scotty Bullwinkel b Iceberg in a street fight, Corey Hollis & Jaxson James b Zane Stevens & David Tita, Amber Gallows b Andrea the Amazon to retain the NWA women’s title, Fry Daddy b Stevie Richards. Teddy Long appeared on the show as General Manager. Amber Gallows did a heel turn as NWA women’s champion saying Luke Gallows put the WWE ahead of their promotion and said she was the only woman to ever wrestle in New Japan that actually mattered.  I guess that was meant for Maria Kanellis.  Next show is 6/11 with Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa vs. Corey Hollis & John Skyler. (thanks to Kris Zellner)
Premier Wrestling on 7/17 in Gilroy, CA at the IFDES Lodge Portuguese Hall at 5 p.m. with Joe Graves (5-1-1) defending his Premier title against Gabriel Gallo (5-0-1), plus women’s champion Raze (3-2) facing Shayna Baszler (1-0, JR Kratos (9-3-1) vs. Jeff Cobb (6-6-1) plus Nicole Savoy (3-3) and Alexander Hammerstone (2-0).
There was a New Era Wrestling show on Saturday night in Golden, CO which was supposed to feature Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine, who were both at the Cheyenne, WY Comic Con the night before. The promoters made a last minute deal to bring them in. On the morning of the show, Valentine evidently made the decision not to attend. Honky cut a promo and said how Valentine begs him for bookings but here after making one decided he just didn’t want to show up. He claimed he’s never work with Valentine again. (thanks to Anthony Sullivan)
UPW from Saturday night in  Rochester, NY:  Eh Team won over Tygerslayers 08, Wet Bandits and Interstate Education System, Chris Cayden won scramble match over Jordan Falcon, Rob Sweet, Jason Savior, Victor Lord and Bobby Dipinto, Yamaraj b Jeremy Jensen, Space Monkey b Marc Hauss, Rik Matrix b Plunkett the Ogre, Dick Justice b Jock Samson, Ethan Page won four-way over Lionel Knight, Shane Sabre and Coconut Jones, Nick Ando b Cloudy in a street  fight, Mattick d Helllcat, Ricky Reyes (Cortez Castro in Lucha Underground) won three-way over Carter Mason and Cheech, Dick Justice won Rochester Rumble, Carlito b Maximo Suave  (thanks to Todd Brantley)
Maryland Championship Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling had a joint show on Friday night in Joppa, MD:  Kevin Matthews b Brandon Scott, Sexy Steve & Jimmy Starr won over Paul Jordane & Bill Collier, Joe Keys & Rob Locke, and Rayo & Bruiser, Christina Von Eerie & Kimber Lee b Renee Michelle & Brittany Blake, Colt Cabana b Chuck Lennox, Drolix b Pat Buck, Sonjay Dutt retained GFW NEX Gen title over DJ Zema Ion and Lio Rush, Nick Aldis (Magnus) retained GFW title over Brian Myers, Jeff Jarrett & Shaun Cannon & Drake Carter b Ken Dixon & Eric Chapel & Dirty Money.  They announced Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Damien Sandow on the 6/10 show in Joppa, MD for a 6 p.m. meet and greet.  Ron Simmons, Billy Gunn and Sean Waltman appear on 6/18 in Waldorf, MD at Regency Furniture Stadium for a meet and greet and live show. (thanks to Phil Stamper)
Terry Funk, Sting, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Bret Hart and Dutch Mantel are scheduled for a 6/10 Legends of the Ring convention in Monroe, NJ.
A sentencing hearing for Tammy Sytch has been moved to 7/3 on a DUI charge from last year.
Freedom Pro Wrestling on 5/21 in Nashville at the Fairgrounds with Kevin Nash, Eric Young, MVP, Rockstar Spud, Crimson, and Samuel Shaw.
Progress Wrestling on 5/29 and 5/30 at the Electric Ballroom in London has a six man Strong Style tournament with Big Daddy Walter, Chris Hero, Damon Moser, Dave Mastiff, Kenny Williams, Mark Andrews, Mark Haskins, Matt Cross, Mikey Whiplash, Pete Dunne, Rampage Brown, Sami Callihan, TK Cooper, Tommy End, Zack Gibson and Zack Sabre Jr.  
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Today in professional wrestling history: Midnight Express wins NWA US Tag Team Titles; Inoki wins NJPW World League Tournament

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