Stephanie McMahon announced on Raw earlier this week that there will be a pay-per-view exclusively featuring women’s wrestling coming to the WWE Network this October for the first time ever. McMahon mentioned that over 50 women will be involved when the show airs later this year, but could Stephanie herself be getting ready to enter the ring again? During an interview with Sky Sports, McMahon commented on wrestling at Evolution by stating “That’s yet to be determined, we want to make sure our superstars really get the spotlight they deserve but if it makes sense then absolutely.” McMahon competing at Evolution has now become a rumor online, and the fact that Stephanie did not deny that she will be wrestling in October could signal that she will indeed be fighting at the pay-per-view later this year.
When Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, and Triple H called out the entire main WWE roster from Raw and Smackdown onto the stage to listen to the announcement of the Evolution pay-per-view this October, some fans were surprised to see NXT’s Nikki Cross located in among the talent. Cross has been competing on Smackdown live events recently, but according to Cageside Seats, there could be a main roster promotion in the works now for Cross. It was mentioned in the report that there have been talks of bringing Cross up to the main WWE roster very soon. There is no word on whether or not the company plans to reunite Cross with SAnitY on Smackdown or they intend for Cross to start off as a singles competitor.
WWE has been working hard to re-sign Rey Mysterio ever since the company first brought him back for a guest appearance in the Royal Rumble match earlier this year. Contract negotiations between Mysterio and WWE have reportedly been progressing nicely, but no deals have been made official as of yet between the two sides. In case there was ever any doubt, Mysterio has just informed fans that he wants to return to WWE in order to finish his career. While speaking with Ringside Collectibles at Comic Con, Mysterio said that he hopes to return to WWE within the next few years before he retires from wrestling. Rey Mysterio currently has independent wrestling commitments scheduled throughout the months of August and September.

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