Ring of Honor television from Las Vegas featured Jay Lethal defending the ROH world title against NJPW’s Hirooki Goto. After the match an angle involving Donovan Dijak spelled doom for Truth Martini. Elsewhere, ANX cost Cheeseburger a match and the show kicked off with a four corners survival match.

Roderick Strong won a four corners survival match over Adam Page & Moose (with Stokley Hathaway) & Matt Sydal

Strong and Sydal started off and they went nip-and-tuck until Page made a blind tag and he went nip-and-tuck with Strong. Rather, the whole math was basically nip-and-tuck. Moose tagged in and did some spots with Strong. So, everybody locked up with Strong until Moose and Page squared off.

Moose ran wild briefly with power moves including a chokeslam into a pop-up powerbomb on Strong. Moments later on the outside, he caught Sydal on a hurricanrana and powerbombed Sydal into the apron. Strong took him out with flying dropkick through the ropes to the floor. Page then vaulted on to Strong with a shooting star press off the apron.

Sydal did a combination when he had Page hooked and Strong jumped in to cut him off. Sydal did a guillotine legdrop on Page while also giving Strong a jawbreaker. Moose fired up and cleaned house. Strong yelled at Moose that he told him to stop that. Moose then clotheslined him for the berating. Moose stacked both Page and Sydal on the top turnbuckle and dropkicked them both causing them to tumble to the floor.

Strong cut off Moose. He executed a falling backbreaker on Moose just before Page nailed him with the money clip (slingshot somersault into a clothesline). Sydal took a nasty German suplex from Page. When Page went to finish him off, BJ Whitmer ran in to cause a distraction. That led to Sydal hitting a shooting star press for a nearfall broken up by Strong. Then, Strong hoisted up Sydal for a vertical suplex that he turned into a falling backbreaker. Strong hit a running knee on Page and covered him for the pin.

Adam Cole came out for an in-ring promo. He talked about speculation he had been “dropping the ball and not getting the job done. Despite that, he was “still the best damn pro wrestler on the planet.” He cut a promo on Kyle O’Reilly and said O’Reilly would never be ROH champion under his watch. Cole went on to claim he will eventually win the ROH title from Jay Lethal saying his days as champion are numbered.

Cole noted he was without the Kingdom. Cue Matt Taven to confront Cole. Taven, walking with a crutch, entered the ring and hugged Cole. Everyone seemed to be getting along well. Taven said the Kingdom would pick up where they left off. Taven then shifted his rant on to Cole, talking about him twice failing to win the title. Taven talked about the disappoint he felt Cole brought to the Kingdom. Taven said he was the only real star in the Kingdom. He said he was better than Cole.

Taven said Cole told him that he (Taven) dropped the ball when he got injured. Taven talked about how he gutted it out just to finish the match, costing him six months of his career. Taven vowed the Kingdom will be rebuilt in his image.

“The only thing finished with the Kingdom is you,” Taven said to Cole before leaving.

In a backstage promo, Dalton Castle talked about his disdain for rules. His examples were speed limits and restaurants with a dress code.

“I’m a clothing optional man,” Castle exclaimed.

Thusly, he is set for a Fight Without Honor against Silas Young that will have no rules. Actually, it has rules. The rules are just relaxed in such a match. Nevertheless, it was still an entertaining short promo.

Foxx Vinyer beat Cheeseburger via disqualification

On commentary, Mr. Wrestling III said Vinyer looked like the lovechild of the Missing Link. That was a fairly accurate description of Vinyer’s look. Vinyer was squashing Cheesburger when Cheeseburger started making a comeback. Cheeseburger signaled for the palm strike. Before he could deliver it, ANX ran down to pull Vinyer out of the ring. They proceeded to beat him up and powerbombed him into the apron causing Cheeseburger to be disqualified for outside interference. ANX confronted Cheeseburger, who took up a defensive position.   

“Be easy Cheesy,” Rhett Titus said.

ANX tried to turn Cheeseburger against the crowd. Kenny King told a story about his daughter watching one of his matches. He related that to Cheeseburger somehow. Titus read some mean tweets. Somehow that related to Cheeseburger too. ANX cut a promo on the fans and their favorites in the tag division. The crowd chanted for Cheeseburger. ANX then attacked Cheeseburger and laid him out. War Machine and the Briscoes ran in to make the save. Afterwards, the Briscoes grabbed the tag title belts (brought to the ring by champions War Machine) and gazed at them. War Machine snatched them away and they had words with the Briscoes.

Backstage, Jay Lethal and the House of Truth did a short promo hyping the TV main event.

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal (with Truth Martini & Taeler Hendrix) beat Hirooki Goto to retain

Hendrix really does not mind flaunting her cleavage. No one else seemed to mind the flaunting either. Goto dominated Lethal in the early portion of the match. He pummeled Lethal for a bit. Hendrix and her cleavage caused a distraction, allowing Lethal to cut off Goto and hit a tope. Martini celebrated by breakdancing in the ring as Hendrix flaunted her bare legs.

Lethal took over on offense. He dominated until going for his finisher, which Goto countered. Fighting spirit was on display as they battled back-and-forth. Hendrix grabbed the leg of Goto and he stomped on her hand. Martini went to hit Goto with the Book of Truth but Goto grabbed the book. Referee Todd Sinclair took the book away from Goto before he could read it or possibly use it as a weapon. The momentary distraction allowed Lethal to deliver Lethal Injection for the pinfall.

Following the match was an angle with Donovan Dijak. Flanked by Prince Nana, Dijak confronted his former stablemates in the House of Truth. Dijak slugged it out with Lethal and then clotheslined Lethal over the top rope sending him out to the floor. Martini hit Dijak from behind with the book. Dijak no sold it and hit Martini with a spin kick. Martini sold it big as the show closed. Though not shown on TV, Martini was stretchered out afterwards presumably to write him off the show for the next few months.