Ever since WWE started a storyline wherein it was revealed that Jason Jordan was the illegitimate son of Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, the company had been pushing the young wrestler as a top star on the Raw brand. Jordan has been out of action for several months now due to a severe neck injury but several reports have made it clear that he is recovering nicely and should be back soon. According to a new update posted by PWInsider, Jason Jordan is now set to appear backstage in Richmond, Virginia during next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. There is no word on whether or not Jordan will be returning to television this Monday night, but that certainly is a possibility.
Along with a slew of other new programming, it was confirmed over WrestleMania weekend that the Edge & Christian Show will be returning for a second season on the WWE Network later on this year. PWInsider has just reported that filming for the second season of the comedy series has officially concluded. Edge and Christian have reportedly been backstage for quite a number of WWE events over the past few weeks filming new material for the show, and the likes of Johnny Gargano, Kairi Sane, Funaki, Tommy Dreamer, and Beth Phoenix are all likely to make cameos at some point during the show. Unfortunately, there is no word on a premiere date for the series just yet.
Few fans could have predicted the bombshell that Vince McMahon would drop earlier this year when he confirmed plans to resurrect the XFL in 2020. McMahon’s football league famously flopped and closed down for good in 2001, but he will be revisiting the idea through his new Alpha Entertainment company. The careers page on the XFL’s website is officially taking applicants. Postings for football players, a VP of Finance and Accounting, a Director of Social Media and Content, SVP of Marketing, VP of Communications and Media Relations, Director Project Management, and VP of Project Management are all positions that need filling. The league is expected to be running and broadcasted regularly starting in the early months of 2020.

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