Jason Jordan has not wrestled in several weeks now, but he has continued to appear on WWE television. It is believed that Jordan is currently dealing with a neck injury that may be far worse than it was originally believed to be. General Manager Kurt Angle pulled Jordan from a match with Seth Rollins against The Bar for the Raw Tag Team Championships and then sent him home during last night’s edition of Raw. Apparently, this may have been done as a way to write Jordan off of future shows so that he can go get the surgery that he needs. Despite this, Jason Jordan’s wife recently took to social media to deny that the neck injury is as serious as it is rumored to be.


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According to PWInsider, Jason Jordan has still been pulled from several upcoming live events and television tapings. Do not expect to see Jordan back on television at all for quite a while, because some reports have claimed that Jordan may be missing WrestleMania, or maybe even an entire year of in-ring action due to the injury. Whether the injury is serious or not, the fact is that Jason Jordan is definitely suffering from a neck injury and will be out of action for at least a few more weeks. It’s possible that he still could compete at WrestleMania, but it may be difficult for Jordan to be cleared to compete in time. Be sure to stay tuned for new updates on Jason Jordan’s current in-ring status.

On the subject of injuries, Samoa Joe has been out of action for a while now as well. A foot injury cost him the chance to compete in the Royal Rumble match and some fear that it may keep him out of WrestleMania in April as well. Fortunately, it looks like Joe might be ready to return to the ring by mid-March. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer originally reported that Joe should be back in about a month, and since then, WWE has added Joe’s name to several advertisements for upcoming live events. It appears as though fans of “The Destroyer” now have a timetable as to when Joe is expected to return. Hopefully, Joe will be back by March if not even earlier than that.

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