During Daniel Bryan’s announcement at the beginning of 205 Live this week, he said Enzo Amore is no longer a part of 205 Live (meaning he’s been fired) and a new 205 Live General Manager will be announced next week.

A lot of people are speculating who could fill the role as 205 GM including Bryan Alvarez who said on Wrestling Observer Live that it could be Goldust or Nia Jax taking WWE’s recent track record with 205 Live into consideration.

But Dave Meltzer said in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the plan for having a 205 Live GM isn’t a new idea at all. In fact, it was initially supposed to be Summer Rae who was even told about this role before her WWE release in October. However, Summer was later informed that since she was taller than most of the 205 Live roster that the position wouldn’t work out.

Who WWE is going to pick as 205 Live’s new authority figure might be up in the air, but if they went with their first choice it would have been Summer for the Cruiserweights all year long.

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