Lio Rush fans had reason to be worried earlier today when the wrestler removed all references to him being an NXT Superstar on Twitter. Additionally, he did not work the recent set of NXT tapings, and he also posted a tweet that seemed to suggest that he was moving on from something in his life. Lio Rush has reportedly garnered heat in the NXT locker room ever since he tweeted out a message mocking the release of Emma from the company earlier this month. Fans had been speculating that Rush may have been released from the company today, however, PWInsider was able to confirm this morning that Lio Rush is still with WWE at the moment.
WWE has announced that they will be expanding their film studio in the near future. The company put out a press release announcing that the studio will be growing to include scripted, non-scripted, family and animated television, as well as digital content in the future. Michael Luisi, the current President of WWE Studios, will continue to watch over the studio in addition to the new television and digital branches that will be launching soon. WWE Studios will also be represented by the WME talent agency going forward. There is currently no word on exactly what content the motion picture studio is working on in their new branches at the moment.
One of the more entertaining shows to premiere on the WWE Network was the Edge & Christian Show. The series saw the two former WWE Superstars perform sketch comedy and skits with past and present wrestlers in the business. Fans have been waiting for a second season for a while, but their hopes were dashed when it was rumored that WWE had cancelled the series. However, Edge recently revealed to Sports Illustrated that he is working on a second season of the show. Edge revealed that the main conflict is finding time to film the season. Edge said, “In terms of where we could have time to film it and fit it in, that was the big difficulty. The show was a lot of work, but we had a great time with it. We wrote it, produced it, directed it, and were really hands-on. There were 14-hour days and it was pretty intensive from a time perspective. There are still talks, and they want to do it.” He cited a break in the production of his show Vikings this summer as a possible time to film the show.


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