– Ring of Honor will launch their streaming service early next year. ROH COO Joe Koff announced the news on Thursday in an interview with CBS Local that the company’s app will come out in the first quarter of the year.
Koff told the affiliate, ” It really became developmentally the right time to do it. We saw an opportunity. We had a long discussion about it. We looked at the business model and how it impacts our business. We just felt that this was the time to create our own Ring of Honor stream.”
Asked what to expect, Koff said, “You’re going to see an enhanced Honor Club. We tested it during the Global Wars Tour of streaming house shows to ringside members. You’re going to see a lot more content available, not only to everybody, but certainly in that Honor Club. [When we tested] streaming for two shows, our response was terrific from a quality standpoint and from an accessibility standpoint.”

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