Former WWE, TNA, and WCW writer Vince Russo was not amused with some of the spots that occurred in the Tyler Bate & Trent Seven vs. Pete Dunne & Mark Andrews match on NXT this past Wednesday. He voiced his displeasure online and Dunne responded not long after that by calling Russo a hypocrite. Fit Finlay later inserted himself into the argument, coming to “The Bruiserweight’s” defense by saying that Russo’s thoughts would not be enough to “derail” his journey. The argument between the men in the industry has been carrying on all day. Feel free to view some of the tweets from the enormous fight from earlier today down below.

Yeah—THAT would happen if the match was real. Suspension of disbelief is forever gone in professional wrestling. And that’s why all the casuals went bye-bye. Only the marks and the kids remain.
— Vince Russo (@THEVinceRusso) November 30, 2017

If you’re that worried about suspending disbelief you wouldn’t tweet stuff like this. #Hypocrisy
— Pete Dunne (@PeteDunneYxB) November 30, 2017

@PeteDunneYxB don’t let idiots trying to keep themselves relevant and who couldn’t even put a headlock on derail you on your journey. #fastTalkingLoudMouth. Yes you @THEVinceRusso
— Fit Finlay (@ringfox1) November 30, 2017

Because I’m a wrestling fan of 45 years and I have an opinion that equates to me being an idiot who’s trying to stay relevant? No reason to insult me because your opinion differs from mine. EXACT reason WWE has lost all casual fans-this same kind of disrespect over their opinion.
— Vince Russo (@THEVinceRusso) November 30, 2017

I never told you my opinion. Why deflate young guys navigating their way through this business ?
— Fit Finlay (@ringfox1) November 30, 2017

You guys should’ve done something more realistic, like a Judy Bagwell on a Pole Match.
— The Young Bucks (@MattJackson13) November 30, 2017

Now matter what WWE decides to call him, “Broken” Matt Hardy is officially back and he has been having a ton of fun with the revitalized gimmick on social media this week. The fun and games seem to be over now though as “Woken” Matt has officially challenged his first opponent under his returning gimmick. Matt took to Twitter earlier today to reveal that he is targeting Bray Wyatt, which makes sense as Hardy’s loss to Wyatt on Raw is what brought back his “Broken” persona. During the initial run of the character in Impact Wrestling, several fans were intrigued by the possibility of the “Broken” Hardys vs. The Wyatt Family, and that feud could be coming very soon.

Thank you for reigniting my WHITE MAGIC with your BLACK MAGIC, @WWEBrayWyatt..
In return, it is now my DUTY to DELETE your DEMON.
— #WOKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) December 1, 2017

In the past, WWE has put out some rather interesting surveys for fans to answer. These have included asking fans what their favorite independent promotions or wrestlers are. The newest survey instead asks fans which celebrity athletes they would they be most interested to see possibly compete in a WWE ring one day. Ronda Rousey, Rob Gronkowski, Marshawn Lynch, Terry Crews, Wladamir Klitschko, Cris Cyborg, Miesha Tate, Danica Patrick, Anthony Joshua, and Conor McGregor are the options provided in the survey. As usual with these surveys, this does not confirm anything, but it does reveal some interesting possibilities for the future.

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