The WWE doesn’t usually come up to the Augusta Maine Civic Center. The last time was a few days before the new brand split and that show didn’t draw very well. But after only a year and a half, they return, this time with a RAW branded show, which is something they don’t usually do either. While the show wasn’t a sell out with taped off upper bleacher seats and lots of holes both in the stands and on the floor seats, they drew better than last time. Despite that ringside tickets were sold for around $500. I and a friend of mine were all the way up against the wall in the nosebleeds. Good energetic crowd.
The show opens with a video of Kurt Angle welcoming us to the show.
Finn Balor/Hardys defeated Elias/Anderson/Gallows

The Hardys entered first followed by Finn. Elias sat on a stool on the stage and sang about Augusta being a dump before being joined by Anderson and Gallows. A hot opener with lots of “Delete” chants. Balor scored the win with the double foot stomp. A lot better than the usual openers at these house shows.
Goldust defeated R-Truth
Utter crap. They brawled for a few minutes and then the actual match lasted less than five minutes with Goldust winning with a scoop with his feet on the ropes. R-Truth chased Goldust to the back. No reason for this match to have even happened.
Cruiserweight Title: Neville Defeated Akira Tozawa

This was a good match, especially following the last one. Akira was out by himself with no Titus. Tozawa got some air and had the crowd somewhat behind him, even though everyone knew he would lose. Eventually, Neville won with the rings of Saturn submission.
Enzo Amore got his ass kicked by Big Cass
A generic video of some locker room that was not the Civic Center played of Cass being a heel. Enzo came out and cut his usual promo before going into a story about nearly missing the show since he drove down from Bangor (The show Friday night) and saw a lot of moose along the way before leading to a joke about Cass crapping his pants. I tried to start a Moose chant but no dice. Surprised Enzo got cheered for it, especially since us Maineahs aren’t too fond of drivers “from away”. Cass came out and said a few things before he and Enzo started fighting and Cass just kicked his head off and left.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose beat the Mizterage
 Rollins entered first and then the Miz’s music played, but fans were disappointed when Axel and Dallas came out instead. Ambrose then made his entrance. At this point, looking over Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas, I realized how old I was when I remember seeing both of their dads wrestle in the same building. Match went about as expected with Ambrose getting the win with Dirty Deeds.
John Cena beat Rusev
They played a generic video of Rusev cutting a heel promo before he came out. In a weird bit, after Cena came out and the match started, the entrance way video wall just shut off and went dark. It was pointed out by my friend that John makes so little appearances in the Civic Center that we had seen his Dad at these wrestling shows more than him (John Cena Sr. is a heel manager in this area of the country). The match was a typical Cena match and Cena nearly had the mat6ch won but the ref was knocked outside the ring to the floor and Cena locked in the STF with Rusev tapping. Rusev tried to pull the ref in the ring and typical Cena stuff happened and John Cena won.
Sasha Banks/Mickie James/Dana Brooke defeated Emma/Nia Jax/Alexia Bliss
Banks was over, Dana Brooke, not so much. Alexa Bliss was REALLY over though. She had an interview on the local radio station that morning and a lot of people around us were hoping to see her. A lot of people were cheering the heels on this one and was MUCH better than the women’s offering in their last show in this building (Charlotte beating a gassed out Alicia Fox in less than 3 minutes). Sasha won the match by making Emma tap in the Banks Statement.
RAW Tag Team Title: Cesaro/Seamus defeated Apollo Crews/Titus O’Neal
When Titus International came out after it was announced this was a title match, we knew who was winning this one. This match featured a lot of chops to the chest and man they must’ve stung the way it sounded. The Champs retained when Seamus delivered the Baroque kick to one of the opponents (don’t remember which one) and got the pin.
Roman Reigns defeated Braun Stroman by DQ
This match was a fight like you would expect. Roman kept trying to lift Braun up and after the third attempt got him up for a big slam. They brawled outside and Braun grabbed the steel steps but put them down near the aisleway for a bit. The tossed each other around some more before going back outside and Braun used the steps and got disqualified. After the bell rang Braun grabbed a table and set it up in the corner. He ended up going through it after two superman punches and a spear. Disappointing main event.
All around a fun show. Augusta Maine isn’t the regular stop it used to be for the WWE, so it’s fun to see them when they do show up. The Main Event was a disappointment, but it was not terrible. No idea when they will be back since sometimes Augusta doesn’t see WWE shows for a decade or so at a time.



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