The 53-year-old World’s Dangerous Man wants to return to the WWE and settle “unfinished business” by beating current WWE Universal Champ Brock Lesnar.
Ken Shamrock recently spoke with Hannibal TV about his desire to come back to the squared circle. Here’s what the UFC Hall of Famer had to say:
I’ve captured every title there is in the world that I have competed in. The only one I haven’t [captured] in pro wrestling is the WWF [title]. I will hope that somewhere down the road, that all of the differences will be put aside and allow me to come back and at least get a shot at the heavyweight title. And I hope Brock Lesnar has it because I’d like to come after him.

Shamrock said he’d like to talk to WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon about why he’s apparently not welcome to return. Here’s this thoughts on that:
I would want to know why because everybody else has come back. I would really want to know the truth. What was it that I did so bad that kept me out?
Shamrock was a one-time WWF Intercontinental champion, one-time WWF tag team champion and 1998 King of the Ring in his previous run with the promotion from 1997-1999. In the interview, Shamrock also spoke about his decision to leave the company due in part to the Montreal Screwjob of Bret Hart.
Here’s a link to the video of that part of the interview:


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