Police in Eustis, Florida have arrested a 93-year-old woman who refused to leave her retirement home after being evicted for falling behind with the rent.

Bodycam footage shows Juanita Fitzgerald being dragged away by officers who were also trying to calm her down.

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The woman appears to be crying and shouting "ow" and "no". At the same time, an officer insists that he and his colleagues are not trying to hurt her.

She is eventually put into a police car and driven away, having been arrested for trespassing.

Eviction proceedings had been started last month,  the Orlando County Sentinel reported.

She was taken to jail, according to Live Leak, but released on $500 bail by a judge and passed on to a caregiver.

Police said they had tried to put her in touch with members of her family and was offered an array of alternative accommodation, which she turned down.

Karen Twinem, a spokeswoman for Franklin House, where Juanita Fitzgerald had been living, said the residence had spent months working with agencies trying to find safe alternative accommodation.

"It is our hope that it will be resolved quickly for her health and wellness.”  

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