WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan recently appeared as a guest on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to promote the opening of his Hogan’s Beach Shop store in Orlando, Florida this week.
During the interview, Hogan was asked about his lawsuit with the website Gawker. The lawsuit saw the website declare bankruptcy, which ultimately led to them settling in bankruptcy court. The court ruled they pay Hogan $31 million, which was roughly 22 percent of the $140.1 million that the former pro wrestler was awarded in the initial trial.
“It was never about the money, it was never about winning or losing,” Hogan said. “I just wanted that jury to believe me.”

Additionally, Hogan was asked about the possibility of making a return to WWE after being essentially blackballed by the promotion following a racism scandal that rocked Hogan in July of 2015.
“If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be,” Hogan said. “To make peace with the wrestling world, that would be a pretty cool ending. God I’d love to drop the leg on Vince McMahon one last time!”
Check out Hulk Hogan’s complete appearance on ABC’s GMA by visiting GMA.Yahoo.com.

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