On the most recent episode of his new podcast, Dinner With the King, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler decided to discuss the recent news stories and rumors regarding JBL and Mauro Ranallo. Supposedly, JBL is responsible for Mauro Ranallo missing Smackdown and possibly never returning to WWE due to excessive bullying. A claim that neither Mauro, JBL, nor WWE has publicly admitted as being truthful.
On his show, “The King” defended JBL by claiming how pranks, jokes, and ribs have been a long tradition in the WWE locker room for decades. Lawler had this to say regarding JBL specifically, “I’m a JBL fan. “Here’s the thing about JBL; you have to know the guy. And if you don’t get an opportunity to really know JBL, you can be offended. JBL is a funny guy. He’s a big guy. He’s boisterous. He comes across as, sometimes, crude and loud. But you gotta know him. That’s just JBL. He’s the same guy on commentary as he is in catering
Lawler also stated on the podcast that he does not think that the announcer will lose his job with WWE over the incident. This week on Smackdown, there were chants of “fire Bradshaw” coming from the crowd, so expect this story to get more coverage as the weeks go on. For now though. JBL is still with the company and is still announcing on Smackdown each Tuesday night.

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