Former WWE RAW General Manager Mick Foley underwent a long overdue hip surgery on Wednesday. When asked by a fan on Twitter if the surgery was the reason he was written of WWE television, Foley responded, “Perhaps. Those last five months were really killing me.”
Back in December, Foley revealed that he’s needed the surgery for a long time, but kept putting off the procedure because he did not have health insurance. He wrote on Facebook:
“Luckily, I am used to the constant pain – and it’s not like I wasn’t warned by almost every guy in the wrestling business that the moves I was doing as a younger man were going to come back to haunt me. Well, they’re haunting me! The weight-loss has helped considerably; without it, and the DDP yoga, I don’t believe I could even get through airports. But the constant travel means constant pain. I love being the Raw GM, and I will miss it when it’s gone. But my quality of life will probably improve when Stephanie and WWE decide to go in a new direction.”

We’d like to wish Mick Foley a speedy recovery.

Thanks for all the well-wishes, kind words and prayers for my hip surgery. Spirits are high after a visit from Buddy the Elf in recovery! ?
— Mick Foley (@RealMickFoley) April 20, 2017

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