There was speculation recently suggesting that Paige could be set to make her WWE return at any time now because her 60-day suspension with the company was up a while ago. 
The former Divas Champion is still recovering from neck surgery so it was unlikely that she would return in a wrestling capacity, but many of the WWE Universe were under the impression that Paige could return to film the next season of Total Divas or even be brought back in a non-wrestling role. 
It seems that this is not the case because a recent Twitter exchange between Paige and Brie Bella stated that Paige would hopefully see Brie and Nikki in San Antonio ahead of The Royal Rumble, this means that she will not be in WWE anytime between now and then. 

It will be interesting to see how WWE handle Paige’s return to WWE given that she was suspended and her boyfriend was suspended at the same time, Alberto Del Rio was released from the company following this and Paige then made a few comments about WWE and the company did respond. 

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