We start off with an opening video setting up tonight’s Monster’s Ball for the TNA World Tag Team Title, as well as last week when EC3 returned to Impact and saved Dixie Carter and Spud from Matt Hardy and his crew.
Speaking of EC3, he and Dixie meet up backstage and Dixie tells EC3 he’s getting his rematch with Matt inside the Six Sides of Steel at Lockdown next week. EC3 says that’s great, but he has something personal to take care of this week, and he’s going to go do that right now.
We head to the arena in Manchester for the second of five weeks in TNA’s annual swing through the UK, and EC3 heads out to the ring and says he’s had a chip on his shoulder here for two and a half years, and he’s defeated legends, but the only man he cares about right now is Matt Hardy, and he’ll be locked in a cage with Hardy next week. But right now, EC3’s fist needs to punch someone, and he wants Tyrus. They were friends and business partners, but even though he’s babysitting Maxel Hardy now, EC3 wants him to put the baby down and get out here right now. Tyrus comes out and says he doesn’t want this because he’s never stood alone before, and he knows EC3 doesn’t want to be alone. EC3 wasn’t his friend, he was his boss, and a boss should be loyal to the people who watch his back. EC3 doesn’t want or need this, but EC3 asks Tyrus if he’s done, then attacks him with the mic. Tyrus lays EC3 out and nails him with the mic, then knocks him to the floor with a heart punch. EC3 regains the advantage on the floor, but Matt Hardy runs out and they double team EC3 in the ring, but EC3 fights Tyrus off and Matt heads for the hills. Way up at the top of the ramp, Matt, challenges EC3 to find a partner and face him later tonight.

Eric Young and Bram are in the ring, and EY is telling everyone to look at his title. He’s the king, and now he’s God, and asks if there’s anyone in the crowd tough enough to take his title from him. One man he knows won’t be taking the title is Jeff Hardy, but Beer Money’s music hits and Roode and Storm come out. Roode says if they’re looking for someone tough enough, they’re Beer Money, and they’re ready, willing, and able to come to the ring and kick both their asses. EY says Roode already had his chance, and he kicked his ass all over the place. Storm interrupts to say that this is Impact Wrestling, and EY has never beaten him. He came back to whoop someone’s ass, and that’s what he’s going to do right now. Looks like we have our opener…
King Of The Mountain Match: James Storm vs Eric Young
Storm comes in like a house of fire, quickly getting a two count off a clothesline, baseball slides Bram, and gets knocked to the floor right beside Bram.  They double team Storm while the ref is busy keeping Roode out of the action, then Young rolls Storm in and covers for 1.  Young maintains the pressure, getting another 2 count off a neckbreaker, then locks Storm in a neck vice.  Storm gets out and mounts a comeback, hitting a swinging neckbreaker for 2 and then Closing Time.  He sets up for the Last Call, Bram runs in and Roode is right behind him, taking Bram out so Storm and Young can go at it.  All four men head out to the floor, and Storm and Young both get counted out as the brawl continues.

Everyone brawls out into the crowd, and beer is flying everywhere in another typical night in Manchester.
Drew Galloway comes into EC3’s locker room and says they’ve never been the best of friends, but offers to be his partner tonight.  EC3 says he appreciates the offer, but is going to go this alone.  Drew says he respects EC3’s decision, and wishes him luck tonight.
We’re back from commercial, and the brawl between Beer Money and Bram & EY is continuing backstage.  Young and Roode brawl in a gigantic laundry room while Storm and Bram go at it in the hallway.

Maria Kanellis comes out to introduce us to the future World Champion, the man who will inspire everyone as he inspired her.  She asks if we believe in The Miracle, and here comes Mike Bennett, minus his Los Boricuas hat, for his second televised match.  He says he will be the champion and he said it the minute he walked in here.  Kurt Angle had to cheapshot him because he was afraid of his greatness, and Drew Galloway is walking around with a briefcase that’s just a ticking time bomb.  He’s going to lose, fail, and prove to everyone that he’s a failure.  But tonight, since Kurt Angle ducked him, he’s going to wrestle one of the UK’s own, and chose Mark Andrews!  Bennett says it’ll take a miracle for Mandrews to win, and Mandrews just wants him to shut the hell up, and he suckerpunches Bennett to start us off…
Mike Bennett vs Mandrews
Mandrews does a bunch of fast paced stuff until Bennett gets the knees up on a standing moonsault and drills Mandrews into the mat with a spinebuster.  Yakuza kick from Bennett gets 2, then a flapjack and a diving boot for another 2.  Mandrews hulks up, hits a leaping enziguiri, and a standing moonsault for 2.  Mandrews goes to the top, but Bennett trips him, hits the Tower of London, the big right hand, and the cradle shock driver for the win.
Winner: Mike Bennett
Bennett keeps beating Mandrews up after the match until Drew runs in to chase him off.
Decay is backstage looking forward to everything decaying.  Abyss says they’ve left them laying in a pool of their own decay every time they’ve met, but he doesn’t get to finish what he’s saying because some dude comes in and says he has some kind of business with Rosemary.
Drew Galloway is backstage saying he got involved because Mike Bennett has let his mouth get away from him, and if Bennett wants to show up and act like an asshole, he’s going to…oh wait, Bennett comes in, suckerpunches Drew, and rams him into a steel garage door.
A video package informs us that Odarg The Great is coming!
Matt Hardy and Tyrus find Spud backstage and tell him it’s not in his best interest to get involved in Matt Hardy’s business, and he better not get involved tonight.
We see a video package hyping the Angle-Lashley match that will take place in three weeks on the conclusion of the UK tour.
TNA World Tag Team Title/Monster’s Ball Match: The Wolves vs Decay
The Wolves rush the ring and they brawl out to the floor, and the tables come out from under the ring as we go to commercial.
We’re back, and the Wolves put a ladder in Steve’s crotch and use chairs to slam it into his ding ding.  Rosemary spits red mist into Eddie’s face and Abyss throws him through a table at ringside, then he gets Janice out from under the ring and goes for his spot where he swings and gets it stuck in the top turnbuckle.  Davey suplexes Steve into the ladder after Steve set it up in the corner, but Abyss chokeslams Davey and dumps a bunch of chairs on top of him in the middle of the ring.  Eddie is back up and goes to the top, Abyss tries to superplex him, but Eddie hits a sunset bomb that drops Abyss right on the chairs and also a trash can.  Eddie destroys Abyss and Steve with a kendo stick, he pops Steve up into an assisted Alarm clock, then a chair-assisted top rope double stomp to Steve before Abyss wipes both Wolves out with a double clothesline.  Abyss gets a bag out from under the ring and dumps out…nothing, because Eddie dropkicks Abyss to the floor.  He goes for a dive through the ropes, Abyss stops before the dive drives him through a barbed wire board leaned against the guardrail, but a dive from Davey sends Abyss right into the board.  Steve is on his own now, and he puts Eddie’s head on a chair and prepares to one-man conchairto him, but Rosemary comes into the ring and tells him to stop, instead holding up Abyss’ bag and dumping out the thumbtacks all over Eddie’s head and the chair.  NOW she tells Steve to hit him with the chair, but Eddie moves his head just before Steve would have imploded it with the chair.  Eddie uses Janice to get rid of the chair, then Eddie blocks Rosemary from spewing mist and holds her so Davey can suck it out of her mouth.  They hit Chasing the Dragon onto the chair and cover Steve for the win.
Winners: The Wolves
That was a hell of a brawl.  Great stuff by all four men.
Ethan Carter III bumps into Spud backstage, and Spud says he was just trying to do the right thing last week, and the two of them have so much history tonight, good and bad.  EC3 says Spud looks out for others too much, and tonight, the match is for him alone.
Gail Kim & Madison Rayne vs The Dollhouse
Gail and Madison rush the ring and get an early advantage on the Dollhouse, but Marti turns the tide with a Samoan drop on Gail.  Jade tags in and counters Gail’s flying armbar into a sweet gutbuster, boots Madison off the apron, and goes for the package piledriver, but Gail sits out and knocks Jade into next week with a clothesline.  Hot tag to Madison, and she cleans house on Marti and hits the sitout DDT for 2.  Rebel and Gail are going at it on the floor, and Madison reverses a victory roll on Marti for the win.
Winners: Gail Kim & Madison Rayne
The Dollhouse attacks Gail and Madison from behind, but Velvet Sky runs in and clears the bunch of them out by herself.  She says she’s tired of the Doghouse sticking their ugly noses in their business, and challenges them to a first time ever Knockouts Lethal Lockdown.
Mahabali Shera is backstage and introduces his new friend and fellow Indian, Odarg The Great.  Yep, they stuck Shera with the only other guy on the roster less comprehensible than he is.  Odarg is going to punch people that disrespect his people RIGHT IN THE FACE.  Oh, and Shera has the standard issue Indian IT support mustache now, too.  So glad he’s back.
Eric Young and Bram are trying to escape through the garage, but Beer Money find them and the brawl is back on!  Bram and EY take off, and Roode yells that they want them in Lethal Lockdown next week, and Storm’s sorry about their damn luck.
Eli Drake & Jessie Godderz vs Odarg The Great & Mahabali Shera
Drake wants to know who Shera’s super secret opponent is, and here comes Odarg, who is of course Grado under the shittiest mask since Vader (Big Van, not Darth).  Eli is really pissed off to see Odarg, so much so that Shera manages to outwrestle hm.  Shera snapmares Jessie over, but struggles to figure out a hold to put him in from there, trying two or three before getting a straitjacket.  Jessie escapes and hits a dropkick, and Eli comes in and hits a tilt-a-whirl slam for 2.  Shera makes a hot tag, and Odarg comes in to clean house on Drake.  Odarg with the flip-flop-n-fly on both men, hits a cannonball in the corner on Drake, and covers for 2.  Jessie tries to interfere, but Shera comes in and nearly kills Jessie with a sky high.  Drake tries to pull Odarg’s mask off, but Odarg pulls his own mask off and rolls Drake up for the win.
Mahabali Shera & Odarg The Great
Odarg scurries right back under the ring until Shera gives him his mask back so he can remask and celebrate with the fans.
Eli Drake is flipping out over losing to Odarg, and Jessie is cracking up watching it happen.  Drake says he wants Grado at Lockdown, but Odarg comes in and says he won’t get Grado, he’ll get…ODARG.  Jessie is dying laughing at all this.
We run down the card for next week’s Lethal Lockdown, and then IT’S MAIN EVENT TIME!
Matt Hardy & Tyrus vs Ethan Carter III
EC3 and Tyrus start off, and EC3 gets the early advantage until Tyrus hits a t-bone suplex as we go to commercial.
We’re back, and Hardy is hammering EC3 with elbowsmashes off the second rope.  He sets for the Twist of Fate, but Spud comes out in his wrestling gear and goes to the corner to await a tag.  Hardy is distracted by Spud’s entrance, and EC3 lays Hardy out, glares at Spud, then goes back after Hardy.  Hardy catches EC3 in a sleeper, EC3 gets out and drills Hardy with a dropkick, then again looks up at Spud before finally making a hot tag.  Spud comes in and cleans house, Hardy gets a shot in and they trap him on their side of the ring.  Spud hits the Underdog out of nowhere and makes a hotter tag to EC3, who comes in and cleans house on Hardy.  He hits a Stinger Splash and a flapjack, goes for the 1%, but Tyrus comes in and lays EC3 out before knocking Spud off the apron.  EC3 ducks a charge and Tyrus goes to the floor, and EC3 comes off the to with a dive that takes both Hardy and Tyrus out (and he hits pretty hard too).  EC3 comes in and Tyrus snaps EC3 down on the top rope, allowing Hardy to hit a Side Effect for 2.  Tyrus sets for the spike, but Spud comes in and low blows Tyrus, Hardy hits Spud with a Twist of Fate, and EC3 hits Hardy with the 1% and covers for the win.
Winners: Ethan Carter III & Rockstar Spud
Great match and a hell of a reunion for EC3 and Spud.  EC3 and Spud have a staredown, but Spud rolls out of the ring and lets EC3 have his moment.
Source: PWInsider

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