As the world braced for President Donald Trump’s expected announcement of withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement on Thursday, environmental organization laid out steps for how an energized people’s movement can “rise up like never before” and stop the anti-science White House from destroying the planet.

Jamie Henn, co-founder and communications director, articulated the action plan amid a global #ActonClimate Twitter storm on Thursday. In addition to the broader strategy framework, Henn identifyied four key goals for the movement, which include: 1) sidelining Trump’s expansion of the fossil fuel industry; 2) pushing towards 100 percent renewable energy; 3) putting climate champions in positions of power; and 4) rekindling a global movement.

Ultimately, in the face of Trump’s decision on the Paris accord, Henn said it was vital for people around the world to “stay hopeful, stay visionary, stay bold.”

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