On Monday April 4, TransCanada announced that it has shut down its Keystone pipeline south of Freeman, South Dakota after an oil spill was reported by a local rancher, stating that “crews initially found visible signs of oil on a small surface area.”

A video posted on Facebook by Keystone XL (a proposed extension of the existing Keystone pipeline) fighter Faith Spotted Eagle—a Yankton Dakota Sioux tribal elder and founder of the Brave Heart Society—showed TransCanada representative Shawn Howard onsite answering questions regarding the spill.

“We don’t know what has happened here,” Howard admitted, “and we don’t know where it is coming from.”

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When asked if the company had concerns over whether the detection system failed he said, “we appreciate [the landowner was] alert and reported this to us quickly,” but he considered that a success story because it demonstrated that TransCanada’s public awareness programs are working.

Spotted Eagle reported that the rancher was not happy with this assessment, that he said he does not have time to be looking for leaks, that this should not be his job.