— In the latest “Dinner With The King” podcast hosted by Glenn Moore, Jerry “The King” Lawler opened up a bit more on the sudden death of his son, Brian Christopher Lawler, who committed suicide in his jail cell on July 29 and died a day later in hospital.

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— While Lawler could not speak in great deal due to the ongoing investigation, he did re-iterate that he has “doubts” on whether Christopher really did attempt suicide. Lawler added that he’s talked to other inmates and they all don’t believe that what they were actually told is what happened.

— Lawler also shed some light on discussions he had with the Sheriff in charge when he went to see his son in jail. He states that the Sheriff assured Lawler that because Brian needed help, they would get him that help. Lawler claims the Sheriff also said that they would get Brian into a rehab program and that “his jail” would not only be the “best place” for him, but that he would personally keep an eye on Brian to ensure his safety.

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