Recap by: Mike Johnson,

We are live at the Wrestlemania 35 press conference at Metlife Stadium!

Sitting in the front row are Nikki Bella, Nia Jax, Titus O’Neil, Apollo Crews, Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman. A number of New York Giants are present as well.

The Mania 35 logo incorporates a golden rendition of the Statue of Liberty’s crown.

A videoscreen has been playing WWE promotional videos and even played a XFL promotional video.

The New Day came out to open the media event, pushing that WWE would take over NYC and New Jersey. They said Wrestlemania would be the place to be and introduced WWEs John Saboor.

He introduced New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver and welcomed everyone. She said Jersey is honored to host Wrestlemania 35 on 4/7/19. She said Mania is a week long series of events that will bring a windfall locally and they are excited to have Mania back. She said it was a team effort and thanked Governor Phil Murphy and WWE.

Oliver introduced Stephanie McMahon. She thanked all of Mania’s partners and joked they hope it wouldn’t snow next April. If they do their job right, they will create memories that last a lifetime. She talked about the history of Wrestlemania and how her family put everything on the line to make it happen. She put over that Mania is considered one of the most important sports events by Forbes. She talked about how they will use their synergy to assist their partners because everyone all over the world will talk about Mania and New York and New Jersey. They will generate over $100 million locally, but they hope to leave a lasting impact with their community outreach partners.

Stephanie talked about Wrestlemania 29 and how her grandfather, who didn’t get to see a Wrestlemania personally, used to tell her dad not to rock the boat, but at Mania 29 she felt he was telling her dad to not just rock but but capsize it. She talked of how excited she is about creating memories for everyone attending Mania.

They introduced a number of execs from different partners of the show.

Triple H was brought out next. He noted that he wears a few hats for the company including a performer. He told a story of being backstage at his first Wrestlemania, 11, after being signed and how he was completely blown away amd is blown away every year since. He said there is no greater feeling than standing in the ring with goosebumps covering your body at Wrestlemania. He can’t wait for that feeling.

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He said WWE has grown and produces over 550 shows this year. He said they are blessed with the talents in the company. That’s why they created the WWE Performance Center. He said it was inspired by a visit to Quest Diagnostics right across the parking lot.

He praised the growth of NXT and that it will take part in Wrestlemania week. He put over that Brooklyn is home for NXT. That’s where NXT put itself on the map with the first Takeover: Brooklyn.

Triple H talked of Sasha vs. Bayley that night, and how they helped push the women’s evolution even harder. He talked about the growth of the division and how they are showing the world how they can do anything. He put over the recent bout in the Middle East and praised the signing of Ronda Rousey.

He brought Ronda out and announced she would be in the ring next year at Mania 35. They shook hands then faced off.

Rousey said it was surreal to be here and it was fate that she is here. She said she will honor the memory of Roddy Piper and this is just the beginning. She thanked everyone for coming.

John Saboor discussed all the events taking place at the Barclays Center. The head of Barclays spoke, saying they have hosted 21 WWE events since they opened in 2012. They are excited for Summerslam in August, and are looking forward to Mania. He thanked WWE for their support and commitment.

John Cena was up next. He said he was told to use his time to explain what Wrestlemania means to him. He talked about how he grew over the years, and his perception as he grew. He said he is thankful for being able to have the best moment of his life last year when he got engaged. Wrestlemania means everything to him. He gives everything he can give every year, and it gives back to him more than anyone can understand. It is a home that calms him. A stage to perform on. He called Nikki Bella on stage and said Mania means everything as he embraced her. He has no idea what he’s doing next year, but he knows he’s going to love it and hopes everyone else does too.

Ticket information will be announced in the future. Saboor started closing down when New Day returned to toss pancakes out.

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